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Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Back to our Community

The best and easiest learning happens when we are young right? Which is why Temple aims to educate as many kids and young adults as it can in marine conservation, care for the environment, and water safety and enjoyment skills. Whether it is a school group, kids club or groups of friends and family, we can design the best program to suit our future world leaders.

The same as the rest of the world, fishermen are our eyes and ears on the coast, plus of course providing the ocean meals we eat in restaurants and in our homes. Apart from employing fishermen as it's captains and boat crew, Temple assists in boat recovery, stray net removal, artificial reef (to improve catches), and education on sustainable fishing ideas.

And working so closely with the authorities and military of India, Temple often come into contact with high tension scenarios and situations. We are always happy to help marine police and coast guard groups in disaster management and recovery operations.