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A Teenager’s Action Over Excuses – Building a Sustainable Artificial Reef in Pondicherry

Protecting the oceans and their marine ecosystems is absolutely vital for survival. Not only do healthy oceans act as food sources, they also regulate climate change and have various benefits to human livelihood as well. We all have to play our part in conserving, protecting and restoring them, especially as divers!   Let’s talk about a young teenage girl from […]

Top 5 Tips to Extend Your Bottom Time during a Scuba Dive

SCUBA Diving is a mesmerizing and magical experience – no doubt! And Pondicherry is one of the best SCUBA diving places in India. It displays heaps of unique marine life and brags about having 26 dive sites! So, considering this and all the amazing benefits of SCUBA diving, you’d want a long and fantastic dive, right? But say you’re fun […]

Top 6 Marine Species to spot in Pondicherry

When it comes to spotting beautiful and colourful fish, your mind immediately wanders to the Andaman Islands or Lakshadweep Islands. But did you know that the very picturesque Pondicherry also displays some of the most magnificent and diverse marine life in the world? Pondicherry has constantly risen to become one of the best SCUBA diving places in India. There are […]

Travelling to SCUBA dive in Pondicherry during COVID19

Location: Pondicherry Lockdown Details: As of 15/07/2019 Current Status: Entry with ePass Diving Status: Happily Diving   If you are looking for information about travelling to SCUBA dive in Pondicherry during the COVID19 period, you are at the right place! Here’s the low-down on the latest Pondicherry COVID19 travel rules and suggestions relating to your visit.    Note: This blog […]

Dive Deep into SCUBA Courses with Digital Learning

At some point in time or even every day, you wake up and ask yourselves, “How do I not get bored during this lockdown period?” Talking about fellow Scuba divers specifically, you guys are probably going, “How do I do my courses safely?” or “Where do I do my courses?” or “When do I do my courses?” Well, the answer […]


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March, 2019

Dive Sites In Pondicherry
March 17, 2019

    Pondicherry has some really beautiful dive sites around its coast, of which we will never get enough of! There are always some new elements that leave us surprised every time we dive around here! From 23 dive sites to explore from, Pondicherry has a lot in its bag for the divers who love to keep exploring and discovering something […]

Scuba diving
March 13, 2019

  Any adventure sport requires you to be physically and mentally fit. The same goes for scuba diving! Even though it’s a recreational activity, scuba diving requires you to be mentally and physically fit. Diving as an activity has a big logistical side to it. Lifting tanks, moving them around, loading & unloading, pulling the anchor and then a dive […]

Divemaster Trainee
March 1, 2019

  I’ve always loved the ocean, held a certain affinity towards it. Taking a plunge into its calming depths each morning became a personal ritual for me before I went to work. Somehow it allowed me to begin each day with a burst of energy, calmed my anxieties and opened my heart to what the day was to bring.    […]

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