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PADI Nitrox Certification – 6 Benefits of Becoming an Enriched Air Diver

PADI Nitrox or the PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) EANx course is one of the most useful PADI courses to opt for. Every devoted scuba diver has the Nitrox certification to their name. And for good reason! But first, let us start with the basics.

What exactly is Enriched Air (Nitrox) ?

PADI Nitrox

Have you ever gone diving and wondered what exactly is the massive green or yellow band on other divers’ scuba cylinders? Well those bands are the indicators for enriched air. Or Nitrox if you may.

The gas that we usually breathe underwater is air. Air comprises of 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. However, a Nitrox tank has a higher oxygen percentage. In recreational diving it is usually anything above 21% to 40%. The most common Nitrox blend is 32% oxygen and 68% nitrogen.
By increasing the oxygen levels in your scuba tank, you are therefore reducing the nitrogen content in your tanks. The lesser the nitrogen in your gas, the more bottom time you have.

In this blog, we aim to highlight six key benefits of why you should do the PADI Nitrox course.

1. More Bottom Time

PADI Nitrox
CC Donarun Das

By taking this course, your No Decompression Limit (NDL) increases! (Keeping a conservative mind) This means if you have 48 minutes of bottom time while diving with 21% oxygen, then with 36% Oxygen you will have 98 minutes bottom time.
But this does not necessarily mean you can stay longer. Because after all it does depend on your air consumption. You can always take the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy speciality, to better your diving technique. And  save up on some more air!

2. Safety Measures

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Because of the reduction in the nitrogen percentage, the chances of getting decompression sickness becomes lesser. By taking the PADI Nitrox course you are ensuring your overall safety while scuba diving. The main cause of decompression sickness or illness is the build up of nitrogen bubbles in our bodies.

3. Lower Exhaustion Levels

CC Shubham

By diving with higher oxygen and lesser nitrogen percents; many divers claim that they tend to feel less tired after diving with Nitrox, as compared to air. This helps divers especially those who do multiple dives in a day as they do not tend to feel that exhausted.

4. Longer Multiple Dives

CC Tanvi Gautama

Since the nitrogen levels are lower in Nitrox, you have a reduced chance of getting DCS. And because of lesser Nitrox, you also get to do longer repetitive dives and nitrox gives you more bottom time, compared to scuba diving with air.

5. Surface Intervals Get Shorter

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CC Tamizh

Yes, this probably means you will not be able to take some awesome photos during surface intervals to pass away the time. But you can spend more time underwater! Shorter surface intervals is another benefit of switching to enriched air diving.

6. Learn More

scuba diving theory

By choosing to do the PADI Nitrox course, you are allowing yourself to dive deeper into scuba theory. You become more knowledgeable about diving and the gasses you breathe and the effects it has on your body, good and bad. Plus the Nitrox course is a baby step into the technical diving world. Understanding the basics is very important if you want to become a tec diver!

PADI Nitrox Course With Temple Adventures

Let us give you a brief as to requirements and what to expect from us if you choose to do your course with us.


  1. Minimum Age to do this is course is 12 years.
  2. Hold a PADI Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Certification) or equivalent.

What’s Included

  • PADI Instructor tuition and administrative fees
  • PADI Enriched Air Diver International Certification Card upon completion of the program.

Price: INR 14,000 + 18% GST 

Does having more bottom time and knowledge interest you? Then send us a message here so that we can arrange the course for you!



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