scuba hair care tips

Scuba Hair Care Tips

Scuba hair, while it looks absolutely beautiful underwater, it can be quite a task to manage. Which is why we are writing this blog today to share some tips on how to manage your scuba hair.

There are a lot of factors that can severely dry out your hair when you are out diving. The strong sun and salty water have some major roles to play here. So how can we protect our hair without harming our oceans?
Long hair or short hair, hair is hair and we have a lot of tips on how to manage your scuba hair!

How To Manage Scuba Hair

1. Freshwater

One of the best things you can do is simply just rinsing your hair with freshwater before and after your dives in the ocean. By rinsing your hair with freshwater before jumping into the ocean, you are ensuring that your hair is absorbing the freshwater and not so much the salt water.
After your dives it is even more important to make sure you wash off all the residual salt immediately. By doing this simple thing, you will be doing your locks a huge favour.

2. Mask Straps

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You can get some colourful mask straps to match the rest of your gear.

Mask straps are an essential accessory when it comes to hair care. Scuba mask straps can often pull your hair and it isn’t very gentle either. Especially while putting on and removing your mask. However, with a mask strap you do not have to worry about any of these issues. The straps make sure that your hair isn’t pulled and it also doesn’t hurt you when you try removing your mask.
If you do not have a mask strap yet, fret not we have got you covered! You can get your scuba mask straps here.

3. Hooded Vest/Hood

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Scubapro Everflex Hooded Vest

A hooded vest not only keeps you warm but also protects your hair from getting in the way. The hood ensures that all your hair is neatly tucked in. Making sure it does not entangle and get all knotty. It also makes sure of the fact that your hair will not keep coming in your face and will be properly managed.
Get your ScubaPro hooded vest here.

4. Hair Bands and Hair Ties

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If you are someone with long hair then it goes without saying that you should tie up your hair to keep it from getting in your face. The best hairstyle would be to tie a high ponytail and then braid your hair from there. Even a top bun is a good idea. But for those with thick hair, a bun is not such a good idea. As the head can get quite heavy causing a headache. For the divers with thick long hair, the best solution is to tie a plait and then tuck it in your wetsuit (if you do not have a hood).

5. After Care

While we can take all the measures to ensure hair safety, at the end of the day our hair is going to get wet. Which is why we have to make sure we take care of our hair properly after we are done with the dives. That means washing off all the salt from your hair and maybe applying some coconut oil to give your hair some nourishment.

While it’s mostly the divers with long hair that face hair-related issues while diving, it does not mean divers with short hair should neglect these tips. After all hair is hair and it needs to be looked after if we have decided to keep it!

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