The Temple Gear Guide to Fins!
January 9, 2018

You may glide effortlessly through a swimming pool, using nothing but trunks and goggles. But strap on some scuba gear and that changes things. No matter how fast you kick, you simply can’t displace enough water to actually move. That’s where fins enter the picture.

We’re back to help you pick the perfect gear. Presenting…

The Temple Gear Guide to Fins!

Fins made for diving propel you through the water with maximum efficiency and minimum effort.

We at Temple Adventures value quality dive gear, and believe that Scubapro manufactures equipment that we can trust 40m below the surface.

Since the ’60s, Scubapro has set the industry standard for quality, reliability and performance of dive equipment. Created by divers, for divers, because our passions lie underwater. After all, Deep Down, You Want The Best!

Temple Adventures is an Authorised Dealer and Equipment Service Center for Scubapro. We have the ability and the resources to take care of all your dive equipment needs! With dive gear, you need state-of-the-art products to stay at the top of the game. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

Proscuba is the National Distributor for Scubapro equipment, whose products Temple Adventures supplies. Browse ProScuba’s Catalogue for more on what they offer!

 Choosing your Fins

When choosing your scuba fins, think of what sort of diving you would be doing. For example single-tank recreational dives in the tropics, a flexible full foot fin will do alright. However, side-mount or twin-tank back-mount tec dives would require a stiffer open-heel fin and neoprene boots.

If you’re diving from a rocky shore, it’s a good idea to use booties with open heel fins. However, if you’re diving from boats, a spring/bungee heel strap is an advantage.

Your preferred kicking action underwater counts as well. Small, rapid, flutter kicks are suited better to split fins, but a frog kick requires paddle fins.

The buoyancy of your fins matter. Fins can affect your trim by either pulling your legs down or lifting them up. In addition, you may need to change the amount of weight you carry accordingly.

The right fins will make movement underwater as easy as breathing. Your trim, speed, and air consumption rates will improve substantially as well.

Scubapro Jet Fin

One of the world’s most famous fins, the Jet Fin sets the standard for power and durability. Till this day, deep, technical, military, recreational divers and dive instructors still strap on a pair before every dive!

The Jets have all the power you’ll ever need. The vented designs decrease drag and increase thrust. On the negatively buoyant side, wearing Jets means you’ll need to knock a kilo or two off your weight belt. Offering great manoeuvrability, you can turn on a dime if you use them right.

Its durable rubber construction promises a lifetime of use. Optional spring straps are also available, which are virtually indestructible and make donning and doffing too easy.

Scubapro Seawing Nova

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a fin that’s more comfortable to wear or fun to kick when cruising the underwater world. At the pinnacle of hydrodynamic design, it enables you to dart through open water or manoeuvre in and around tight spots.

Made of Monprene, the Nova is virtually indestructible. When you kick, the entire blade pivots, thanks to the articulated hinge connecting it to the foot pocket. Furthermore, the angle of attack is always 45° for maximum efficiency. In addition, a vent in the blade itself creates a channeling effect, increasing thrust and decreasing drag.

The Novas are positively buoyant, so if you can’t seem to get your legs horizontal, strap on a pair. The marine grade bungee used in the strap is self adjusting, making donning and doffing a piece of cake. Its even available in a full-foot variant.

Thanks to its hydrodynamics, you can kick it in any manner you please!

Scubapro Seawing Nova Gorilla

A truly unique fin that has earned accolades since its introduction, the Gorilla sets the bar in dive fin design.

While virtually identical in appearance to the Seawing Nova, the Gorillas provide more stiffness and snap with the blade. This results in more power and control for divers who like a stiffer fin with more feedback.

The stiffer blade aids effective sculling, back-kicking, and frog-kicking, making it ideal for Tech divers. For those who feel the Novas can’t generate enough propulsion, the Gorillas should do the trick.

The Gorillas are as versatile as they come. These fins can be used for anything from free diving to rebreathers, and they will excel. The real jack of all trades if there ever was one.

Scubapro GO Fin

The GO is lightweight yet virtually indestructible, plus it’s a fast and nimble performer in the water. It’s also designed to fit easily in carry-on luggage, making it the ideal fin for divers and who enjoy traveling the world.

Surprisingly powerful and responsive, the GO Fins 25º pre-angled blade provides rigidity and creates a channeling effect. It’s ultra strong Monprene construction avoids broken blades and torn foot pockets, making it ideal for long-term, heavy-duty use.

The GO Fins can be worn barefoot or with neoprene socks despite being open heel. Its marine grade bungee strap is very comfortable and allows for a versatile fit.

Stay tuned for more of our Gear Guides!

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