The Temple Gear Guide to Masks!
Scubapro UPF Collection
December 4, 2017

Masks rank right up top as one of the most important pieces of dive gear to own. After all, you’re going underwater to see and experience. Without a mask, you won’t be seeing much, will you?

Masks help the eye focus, by creating an air space between your face and the surrounding water. Since the human eye can’t focus underwater (we’re not fish), masks are essential!

It’s a great idea to have your own mask for several reasons. Having your own mask means you’ll never need to worry about whether your dive operator has one that fits you. Also, hygiene. If you’ve ever seen a diver de-fog their mask before a dive (organically), you’ll know what we mean.

We at Temple Adventures value quality dive gear, and believe that Scubapro manufactures equipment that we can trust 40m below the surface.

Since the ’60s, Scubapro has set the industry standard for quality, reliability and performance of dive equipment. Created by divers, for divers, because our passions lie underwater. After all, Deep Down, You Want The Best!


Temple Adventures is an Authorised Dealer and Equipment Service Center for Scubapro. We have the ability and the resources to take care of all your dive equipment needs! With dive gear, you need state-of-the-art products to stay at the top of the game. That’s what we’re here to help you do.

Proscuba is the National Distributor for Scubapro equipment, whose products Temple Adventures supplies. Browse ProScuba’s Catalogue for more on what they offer!

Choosing a Mask

There are a million things to consider when buying a new dive mask. All of them are FIT! A mask that doesn’t fit you properly distracts you from the rest of your dive. A mask that does fit, only makes the dive better!

With your snorkel in, simply place the mask on your face. Look for spaces between the skirt and your skin. Inhale through your nose, while ensuring the mask is comfortable! The last thing you want is a mask digging into your face underwater.

If possible, jump into the pool to check for leaks and to test its field of view. Due to refraction, the field of view through a mask changes underwater. See if the transition suits you before you set your sights on it.

Scubapro Solo: 

INR 4000*

The Solo is a highly resistant, low volume single-lens mask with a very adaptable silicone dual skirt. It offers an excellent seal, so you don’t need to shave before every dive! Very easy to clear and equalize, it’s a favourite among many divers.

I love the wide and uninterrupted view and the super comfy silicone skirt doesn’t reflect either.”

~ Captain Caveman, Temple Adventures

Scubapro Spectra Trufit: 

INR 4400*

Any diver will be hard-pressed to find a mask that is as comfortable, and seals as well as this. The Trufit seal comprises a series of ribs moulded into the silicone skirt for support and softness. It sits on the face as well as a second skin. This dual-lens stunner provides an amazing field-of-view, both horizontal and vertical.

“If you want a mask that feels like you’re not wearing a mask, the Spectra Trufit is the one”

~ The Moose, Dive Chennai

Scubapro Crystal Vu: 

INR 4800*

If you’re looking for a panoramic view of the underwater world, look no further. The Crystal Vu’s large single lens design never fails to impress. The side windows provide excellent peripheral vision through the ultra-clear lens. The mask comes with a purge valve to make clearing it even easier.

“It’s in the name: you get an absolutely crystal clear view of the world under the waves.”

~ The Flying Dutchman, ProScuba

Scubapro Synergy 2:

INR 6200*

Hailed as the most comfortable mask on the market, you only have to try it on to feel the difference. Trufit dual-skirt technology keeps water out and provides support and rigidity where required. The single lens design provides a full field of view through ultra-clear tempered glass. With a super low profile and volume, it sits close to the face and clears easy. The nose pocket accommodates for a variety of faces and makes it easy to equalise.

“It helps me see the underwater world the way it’s meant to be seen! And the variety of colours will never cramp your style.

~ Tinku, Temple Adventures

Scubapro Steel Comp:

INR 4000*

The breakthrough frameless, dual-lens design comes with a flexible bridge over the nose. The mask flexes as water pressure increases, and it hugely reduces the need to equalize it. In addition to its flexibility is its comfort. Dive with it for hours and you still won’t have a mask mark on your face! Known as the ultimate Freediving mask, it’s low volume and novel design makes it incredibly comfortable.

“I’ve never worn a mask that fits me as well as the Steel Comp. I hardly ever have to equalize it, and I can almost forget I’ve got a mask on!”

~ Keeks, Temple Adventures


All of the above are masks that we at Temple stock. Our Staff are happy and more than willing to help you find the perfect mask for you!

Stay tuned for more!

Cheers 😀

Tinku, Lucy, and Beast 

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice. GST is applicable to all products shown above, as per Government mandate.

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