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Tank Fill Station

Breathe Pure Air

Demand. Clean. Breathing. Air. Sounds forceful, simple, but is true. We see people in cities wearing face masks due to pollution they don’t want to inhale. Make no mistake – All breathing air scuba cylinders in the world air pumped using oil filled, high pressure rotating machines. Thus, inherently there must be oil in the gas which is supplied. This use of oil lubricated machines is fine, as we filter the gas afterwards, and before the cylinders. We encourage and implore you to ask our Temple Staff to show you where and how we fill our breathing air cylinders. Ask when we last changed the filter, and at what intervals this happens. If you’re brave, ask why ;)

Breathing air should be odorless, tasteless, and dry. If you test your gas, and smell anything at all, do not use that tank. Ask for a new cylinder. If that is also tainted, do not dive using tanks filled from that gas system. Temple Adventures Gas Creation Filling Station is state of the art, and among the best in Asia. The resulting gas produced is what is terms above “Grade E” quality, and is actually 100% Oxygen clean. We test our gas once a month, and have 3 separate daily automatic checks that ensure nothing can get past our filters, and thus making us able to guarantee the best breathing air possible for all your dives, weather it is Nitrox <40%, or “just” air. We have a “Pure Air” Certification from Bauer International, and are listed on their website as a preferred dive centre. The Germans do often know best when it comes to engineering!

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