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Temple Gas Filling Service

Breathe clean air with temple's gas filling service.

Gas fill rates

  • Basic rate: 500rs
  • Loyalty rate (All cylinders filled @ Temple, or 50+ cylinders a month): 300 rs
  • Cylinder rental rate: 200 rs per day (5K refundable deposit)
  • Nitrox surcharge: 300rs

Other rates

  • Valve service: 1200 rs + parts + GST
  • VIP cylinder: 1200 rs + GST
  • VIP + clean cylinder: 2100 + GST
  • Hydrostatic tests: 4000 + GST

Terms & Conditions

  • 1. Hydro test should be within the last 5 years.
  • 2. Basic condition of cylinder will be checked. It must be clean, without damage, and valve operating correctly.
  • 3. We will do a VIP before filling if cylinder is empty (rates given below).
  • 4. Gas will be checked if not contaminated with analyser. If contaminated, must have a VIP and clean done before filling (Check appendix for VIP and cleaning)
  • 5. If clean gas, and cylinder is within specs, can be filled with air.
  • 6. For Nitrox fills, VIP and clean is a must, unless always filled with only Temple supplied gas.

Breating Gas Comparisons