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Working with dive centers is fun and serious. If you feel you're suitable for the below positions. Apply now!

Technical Workshop Position

    Job Description
  • Organisation: Will need to label, organise and keep tidy all items, in an organised and structured manner (tools, spares, customer equipment).
  • Warranty - Training to deal with the warranty items that comes in is supplied.
  • Track all items that come in goes out with the relevant documents
  • Keep a record and prepare a report for all items being warrantied
  • Label and segregate warranty items accordingly 
  • Ship the items to customers with the help of warehouse team
  • Keep track of all spares regardless of the inventory being present in Zoho
  • Service all items as necessary and in time, following schematics, videos or the guide as necessary. 
  • Prepare preliminary and completed reports with proper pictures and detailed descriptions of the work done on it.
  • Water test of all equipment and cylinder fills as necessary. 

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Retail Sales Representative

    Job Description
  • All Retail is mainly conducted through Amazon, Ebay, PayTM, Flipkart, and other online platforms.
  • The job would require keeping track of all current inventory and routinely maintaining and adding new products with accurate information and details.
  • Keep track of all stock items and routinely maintain stock numbers in all online platforms.
  • Keep track of new orders, arrange packing and shipping and maintain paperwork.
  • Conduct proper research of platforms and proper SEO.
  • Research on advertising and send out reports for approval of the marketing plans.
  • Send out sales reports and ideas for new products/offers/discounts or add materials to platforms.
  • Perfect online skills, computer skills and knowledge, email and written English essential.

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Tender/Defense/Govt relations Job

    Job Description
  • Conduct searches and research for new tenders and intimate Manager about the new tenders 
  • Use variety of online resources, as well as research on new resources to find 99% of tenders floated for diving, water, navy and defense related products
  • Research about the materials required and create documents to submit for Tender. 
  • Keep a library of documents, paperwork, quotations etc. handy for use in tender submissions. These would be company documents, legal papers, manufacturing & servicing records among other documents.
  • You should know your way around excel, pdf editing, word document as well as email for this. Very good, fast computer literacy required!
  • Submit tender paperwork and documentation in time. 
  • Language is the key. Ideally, candidate should be fluent in English and Hindi. Knowing Tamil is an asset. Should be able to follow up with tenders, vendors, customers etc. as and when required.

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Operations Manager (Land Based)

    Job Description
  • Sports Field Sector
  • Organise company documents 
  • Open and organise banking relationships
  • Install POS and accounting systems
  • Arrange housing and lease documents 
  • Find pools, negotiate charges, secure retainers 
  • Tie ups and links with hotels, restaurants, clubs, travel agencies, etc
  • Hire cleaning and logistics team members
  • Organise advertising and promo for operation
  • Install office setups, classrooms, retail spaces, cooking areas
  • Handle training materials, incoming shipments, retail sales
  • Emails, communications to customers, enquiries, phone calls
  • Purchasing items, handling customer records and warranty items
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Salary package to include a retainer and performance bonus based on revenues and growth.

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Event Organiser + Customer relations Representative

    Job Description
  • Find event venues for the annual expo, service programs, showroom nights, conferences, etc.
  • Contact clients and Expo presenters, secure stall builds, and investigate other advertising and promo options
  • Travel and meet different clientele to secure and display their products in the expo, plus be part of the presenter group, competitions, and panel discussions
  • Arrange, manage and conduct the logistics of the Expo judiciously to benefit the brand promotion and reputation growth of the company
  • Organize staffing requirements for the Expo like security, food, and beverages

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Outbound travel Exec Job

    Job Description
  • Full time sales position
  • Involves selling worldwide dive travel packages, both from and to India
  • Handling customer inquiries by email, phone, whatsapp, social medias, etc
  • Selling soft adventure travel & related products (hotels, flights, insurance, transfers, tourist trips @ location, etc)
  • Developing & maintaining travel customer relationships
  • Deep passion to serve the travel needs of individual divers, dive groups, stores & associations
  • International travel & diving experience is essential
  • Excellent communication skills (written & verbal), in English. Hindi is an advantage.
  • Passion for travel & nature
  • Strong attention to detail & exceptional organizational skills
  • Friendly & positive attitude with a good sense of humor
  • Ability to multi-task & ability to work independently. Be proactive!
  • Excellent computer skills required, as well as internet navigation for bookings and payments online

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