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Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions about scuba diving
Yes! For our introduction programs, no swimming skills are required. You can do a Discover Scuba Diving program, down to 12 meters, along with a qualified instructor, or even enroll for our Scuba Diver Program!
It is, actually, safer than driving to the dive centre in the morning :)

All courses and diving experiences include briefings on safety procedures. All our Instructors and Divemasters are professionals with international qualifications not only in Scuba Diving, but also in Emergency First Response. They will make sure you're having a fun time while staying 100% safe!

The only thing more important than our divers education and enjoyment, is their (and our!) safety. At Temple Adventures, we pride ourselves on our 100% safety record, over 10 years and counting of diving in the Bay of Bengal off Pondicherry. That safety record extends also to 100% safety record for all our team, over a combined experience of 100 years dive teaching experience! And that’s a lot off safety ;)


Course Max. Depth
DSD 12m
Open Water 18m
Advanced Open Water 30m
Deep Certification 40m


Age Max. Depth
8-9 4m
10-11 12m
12-14 18m (OW)
21m (AOW)
Well, that depends on you, your breathing rate, and the depth you are diving to. If you are taking up your PADI Open Water course you will learn all about it :)

Having said so, we're trying to have all DSDs spend between 20-30 minutes under water, and certified divers can stay longer depending on their experience and the conditions of the dive.
Diving in Pondicherry
In the sea! We leave from the harbor and head out to between 3 and 15km from shore. Some of our sites feature sand bottom and artificial reef, some deeper sites a rocky bottom and gorgonian landscape. For those who want to train in fresh water, we also offer awesome quarry dives!

Click here to discover our dive sites :)
We are open 365 days a year! There is always fun to be had and great underwater experiences to enjoy! Having said so, February - April and September - November are the best months of Scuba Diving in Pondy. Changes in currents produces calm and still waters and 20m-30m visibility. But really, anytime you come you will see great marine life and have good fun with other divers!
There is a great range of corals, lion fish, grouper, kingfish, moray eels, torpedo rays, parrot fish, sea snakes, triggerfish, butterfly, angels, banner fish, crustaceans... and if you're lucky, even sharks, manta rays, whale sharks, turtles and dolphins!

Click here to see pictures of local marine life!
Not at this stage - all our dive sites are a few kilometers away from the shore, and at depths that make them available only to scuba divers.

But stay tuned! We might be able to answer the numerous requests for a snorkeling site in the near future...
Scuba diving equipment
ScubaPro (Deep down you want the best !!)

We're also certified ScubaPro technicians, which means that the excellent quality of the equipment we buy is getting maintained to guarantee that you'll only dive with state-of-the-art gear. Click here to learn more about our equipment
Sure – And you can then save 1000 INR for every day you're diving with us :)
Of course we do! Check it out in our shop while you are diving with us!

You can also download our equipment price list here.
A dive computer is an essential piece of equipment, and we have a large selection of ScubaPro computers for you to choose from.

You can rent one of these computers from us for only 600 INR per day - and if you decide to purchase a new computer at the end of the diving day, you'll get your rental money back for that day.
Scuba Diving Courses & Programs
Each course and diving experience has a fixed price, and this price have been defined to offer the possibility of diving to the largest amount of people, while not accepting any compromise on the quality of service and equipment.

Click here to see all our prices at a glance!
We're running all DSDs and Fun Dives every day, and conduce a variety of courses all the time. Ping us or just contact us to book the date that works best for you!
From half a day to half a year, we have experiences, courses and programs for everyone. Our complete price list also contains the duration of each program. Have a look!

Click here to see the durations for all of our activities!.
Simple! Write us an e-mail, and pay a 50% deposit to book your spot.

How can you make the 50% deposit? E-mail us / Ping us and we'll give you our bank details or just Pay Online

• Up till 1 month ahead, deposits are fully-refundable

• Up till 2 weeks ahead, deposits are 50%-refundable

• When 2 weeks are left for your dive, all deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE

• Up till 1 week ahead, only the booking dates may be altered

Our cancellation policies are detailed here
We can teach any course and lead any dive in English, Tamil, Hindi, Bengali, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Hebrew, Malayalam, Kannada, Manipuri...

Click here to meet our international team :)
Sure you can! We recognize all training agencies and their relevant certification levels.
Sure thing! We have a very clear discount policy for a variety of cases. So clear that you don't even need to ask for a discount if your case is not in the list :)

Click here to see our discount policy!
If you haven't been diving for a while, you should probably consider taking a "refresher" course to go over the standard skills and procedures again. How long is "a while"? It depends on your previous diving experience and certification level.

Have a chat with our instructors and get a tailor-made refresher!
Temple Adventures' Facilities
Not at the moment, unfortunately. Please send us an email, so that we may recommend you some places nearby!!

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