Temple Reef

One among the pioneer reefs of pondicherry, built by Temple team in October 2013. Spanning a massive 40 x 40 square meters, the dive site was built purely by hand by Temple. Built with rocks, concrete, metal structures, cars, scooters, palm leaves, trees, and various ropes afloat, this reef is home to the widest variety of marine life in Pondicherry. The reef which begins at a depth of 5 meters, is suitable for begginners to veteran divers. The reef has something for everyone.


Max Depth: 18 m

Marine Life: Malabar Grouper, Red Snapper, Blue line Grouper, Coral Banded Shrimp, Dancing Durban Shrimp, Spearing Mantis Shrimp, Humphead Batfish, Roundface Batfish, Zebra Batfish, Chevron Barracuda, Yellowtail Barracuda, Yellow Boxfish, Blue Spot Toby, Titan Triggerfish, Indian Vagabond Butterfly fish, Harlequin Sweetlips, Longfin Bannerfish, Blue tang surgeonfish Bronzelined Rabbitfish, Eyestripe Surgeonfish, Gold-lined spinefoot, Cleaner wrasse, Three spot Dascyllus, Blue ring angel fish, Yellowtail Chromis, Sargent fish, Copper Sweepers, Ring tailed Cardinalfish, Brown Lionfish, Chinese Trumpetfish, Salmacis Belli, Honeycomb Moray Eel, Moray Eels, Garden Eels, Porcupine Puffer fish, Blackspotted pufferfish, Peacock sole, Yellowspot Goatfish, Jackfish, Mackerels, Valenciennea Goby, Amblyeleotris Goby, Yellow Prawn Goby, Red Lionfish, Clearfin Lionfish, Pterois mombasae Lionfish

Danny’s Eel Garden

Found by A.I. Danny, this is site with rocky bottom, believed to be a ballast of a ship. House to some fantastic marine life. Shallowest of the reef range from 16 meters to deepest being 18 meters. An area of 10 x 30 meters, the area is home to the widest variety of moray eels of any other dive site. Home to a lot of juveniles and varieties of crabs, also makes a fantastic dive site to drift away from.


Max Depth: 18 m

Marine Life: Moray eels,Cuttle fish,Octopus,Scorpion fish,Lion fish,Barracudas,Cleaner shrimp,Bannerfish,Fusiller,Trigger fish.

Macro Garden

Best site to spot some cool little stuffs. Found in 2015, this site is for who lookout for micro stuffs.


Max Depth: 16-17 m

Marine Life: Coconutshell Octopus, Sea Horse, Sea Moth, Frog fish, Garden Eels, Barracudas, Scorpion fish

Tex Mex

Shallow and one of the best site with variety of Marine life.Found in early 2016 this spot is loved by divers in pondi.Look out for the Anchor. Covered in juvenile fishes and coral spouts, one among the promising dive sites of Pondicherry. Being covered in rocks, and the discovery of the anchor, this dive site holds mysteries deep beneath it’s surface that still needs uncovering.


Max Depth: 12 m

Marine Life: Grouper,Nudibranch,Banner fish,Lobster,Scorpion fish,Trumpet fish,Moray Eel,Parrot fish,Cleaner Warsee,Puffer fish,Cleaner Shrimp,Star fish,Durban dancing shrimp,Sea urchin, Butterfly fish

Ghosts 18

The Original and the best – circa 2009. Obviously this site is named after all the ghosts that live here. Come and embrace your super natural side! Oh, there is nice fish also.


Max Depth: 17 m

Marine Life: Baner Fish, Batfish, Frog fish, Lion Fish, Snapper, Ghosts

Ghosts 18

The Original and the best – circa 2009. Obviously this site is named after all the ghosts that live here. Come and embrace your super natural side! Oh, there is nice fish also.


Max Depth: 17 m

Marine Life: Baner Fish, Batfish, Frog fish, Lion Fish, Snapper, Ghosts

Fishermen’s Reef

One among the oldest fishermen built reef in Pondicherry. Covering an area of 10 x 10 square meters, this dive site has varieties of marine life, which is unique to it’s own. Coming in contact with Barracudas are a familiar site here. This dive site which is usually covered in marine life has varying visibility factors due to it’s closeness to the harbor mouth, making it only accessible to divers a few times a year


Max Depth: 12 m

Marine Life: Yellow tail barracuda, chevron barracuda, indian vagabond butterflyfish, Red lionfish, Firefish, Longfin bannerfish, Moorish idols, copper sweepers, ring tailed cardinal fish, porcupine puffer fish, stellate puffer, Masked puffer, indian goatfish, Malabar grouper, coral grouper, Bumphead batfish, Cooper batfish, etc.

Table Top

Table top, as the name suggests is a relatively flat deep site, that is covered in fan corals. Still widely unexplored, this dive site holds marine life which is quite unique.


Max Depth: 35 m

Marine Life: Groupers, Snappers, Barracudas, Sea breams, Jacks, Trevallies, Sea snakes

Fan Garden

Deep and breezy, is what Pondicherry’s Fan garden is. How many gogonians does it take to impress you? There is more than that here – big ‘uns too! But reall, a great cruise at depth through the crevases and fans – Suggest Nitrox 29% or so for this fun site.


Max Depth: 34 m

Marine Life: Cleaner Wrasse, Snakes, Naploleon Wrasse, Moreys, Manta rays (occasionally)

Shy Shark / Cool Shark

One among the initial dive sites of Pondicherry. The name holds the key to this dive site. The most easiest place to spot sharks! A great site to explore and understand the various variety and diversity of Pondicherry.


Max Depth: 24 m

Marine Life: Sharks!


The great Concrette Turtle – Tara’s is an initiative of, of course, Tara from FERAL in Pondicherry, and an experiment in artifical reefs and FAD (Fish agrivation devices). Weighin in at 8Tonnes, it is placed very close to our Cool Shark site, and sports a bunch of tunnels, holes and designs perfect for fish to hide and breed in.


Max Depth: 24 m

Marine Life: Dog fish, Morey Eels, Batfish, Nautilus, Grouper, barracuda

Pirates Booty

Cluster of Rockey formation in the whole reef. Best site for advance open water course. You get the NDL and the Depth


Max Depth: 24 m

Marine Life: Groupers, Octopus, Baracuda, Sweetlips, snappers, eels, Crabs, Shrimps, Banners, Rays,Flounders, Mantis Shrimps


We found this amazing dive site, when searching for a location for our Tec Divers to do their 50m dives. Based on data from state of the art navigational equipment, we swam down with the anchor line to have our computers read exactly 50m on high tide. The sites has amazing marine life, frequented by bottom dwellers and creatures not generally seen in our otherwise populated shallow dive sites.


Max Depth: 50 m

Marine Life: Moray eels, Cuttle fish, Octopus, Scorpion fish, Lion fish, Barracudas, Cleaner shrimp, Bannerfish, Fusilier, Trigger fish


Coco land is one among the oldest swimming pools of pondicherry. Has the perfect depth variations to do courses.

Max Depth: 2 m

Marine Life: Tics and bugs on a bad day!!

Government Pool

Our go to pool which is perfect for our OW courses.

Max Depth: 2 m

Marine Life: Humans in swimwear

Quarry 1,2,3,4

If somebody likes a swim in a sweet inland tropical freshwater lake, then this is the site for them. Upto 12mtrs the fresh water life is great. Bright sunlight, Green patches of Algae,Milfoil,Hydrillia. After 12mtrs a layer of thick dust shadows the sun light. After a meter of cloudy dust, you will be in Dark but crystal clear water. Spooky Stuff?

Max Depth: 38 m

Marine Life: Fresh water Turtles, Cat Fish, Bichir, Cuvier Bichir