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Equipment Maintenance Course

17,000 (inc GST)

See how regulators, BCD inflators and tank valves work. By understanding how it operates, you can identify small problems and determine whether you need professional assistance, or how to conduct a quick fix.



Temple's Equipment Specialist Course is a program designed to familiarise you with the operation and maintenance of dive equipment. It does not teach you to service your regulator, but it will certainly help you diagnose and possibly repair simple problems when you're at a dive site.

Our equipment technician trainers are among the leaders globally, and certainly undertake the highest levels of technician training in India. We would love the chance to share our knowledge and experience with likeminded and keen divers!

Program Structure

Temple Adventures’s Equipment maintenance program is conveniently conducted over one evening, from 6pm to 10pm, with plenty of practical demonstrations to make understanding easy.

On the Equipment Maintenance program, you will learn how to:

  • Diagnose & fix common problems
  • Conduct preventative maintenance
  • Assemble a spare parts kit to get you out of trouble.

Some of the topics you will cover includes:

  • Spare parts and tool kit
  • Regulator first and second stage function and trouble shooting
  • Submersible pressure gauge function and trouble shooting
  • BCD and inflator maintenance
  • Scuba cylinder review and care
  • Cylinder valve maintenance
  • Maintenance and repair of exposure suits
  • General Equipment orientation and setup discussion


  • Student need to be at least 12 years old
  • Hold Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Certification) or equivalent

What’s Included

  • Equipment Maintenance E-learning
  • Instructor tuition and administrative fees
  • Equipment Maintenance Certification Card upon completion of the program

What to bring

  • Equipment Maintenance E-learning knowledge reviews completion certificate

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