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Scuba Diver Course

26,000 (inc GST)

2 days, 3 Enclosed pool sessions, theory and 2 open water dives. Being approximately half of the Open Water course, the student is qualified to a depth of 12m to dive anywhere in the world while accompanied by an Instructor or certified assistant.



Learn to Scuba Dive in India with Temple Adventures!

If you are interested to learn scuba diving in India and getting certified as a scuba diver, but cant really swim all that well?  Then the Scuba Diver Course is for you!

Temple's Scuba Diver Course is an exciting first step to attaining your scuba diver certification. As a scuba diver you will be able to experience the colourful underwater world with a sense of confidence and freedom.

If making new friends and a whole lifetime of memories is something you wish to do, then taking up scuba diving is just for you.

Becoming a certified Scuba Diver Course means that you along with a Divemaster/Instructor can descend to 12 meters (60ft) and explore the underwater realm.

The benefits of being a certified Scuba Diver is that your scuba diving certification is recognised internationally, forever.

This certification also allows you to navigate the underwater wonders of the worlds’ most exclusive dive sites.

Our motto is, “the more training, the better”  and Temple Adventures follows that to the very core.

Temple Adventures is a dive school that has been around for over 15 years and our experienced instructors know what works best for each student. This is why our Scuba Diver Course runs over 2 days with one full day in the pool or sweet lake, and the next in the ocean with marine life undertaking skills practice so that each student can have enough time to build up their skills with confidence.

The safety of our students and our staff is top priority; we do not take shortcuts and do not charge any extra fees.


Course information

Knowledge Development

Scuba diving is an exciting sport but in order for it to be a safe and enjoyable experience, there are certain rules and regulations that every scuba diver must follow.

Prior to the pool and ocean sessions, students have to complete the Online Training, where you will learn all about the physics and physiology of scuba diving and how it affects the body.

Scuba Diver eLearning allows you to complete the theory online at your own pace and convenience.

While the eLearning material is self-explanatory and easy to follow, we do understand that students may still have questions and that is completely okay! We are trained professionals who are here to help you through every step of becoming a scuba diver.


In-Water Sessions

The Scuba Diver Course is completed over 2 days, with the 1st day in the pool / sweet lake / quarry and the 2nd day in the ocean. A general schedule would look like:


Day 1: Pool Session

Our pool sessions is where you will learn to master all your scuba diving skills. From basic to slightly more complex skills, your assigned instructor will make sure you complete these skills in a stress-free manner.

Your instructor will take you through every skill set step by step till you are familiarised and comfortable enough to perform the skill.

Pool sessions start during the day and can take up a good few hours depending on the pace and progress of each student.


Day 2: Open Water Dives (1&2)

After you are done with your pool session, to yours and your instructor’s satisfaction, it is now time to test your skills in open waters. You will be doing 2 open water dives, where you have to perform a set of skills during each dive.

The fun part is that after you are done with your skills you will still have enough time to explore the underwater world and experience what it is like to go scuba diving!

After you are done with the two dives, you will head back to the dive shop where we will guide you on how to wash and store the scuba gear as it is an important aspect of being a good scuba diver.



  • Minimum age for students to try the Scuba Diver Course is 10 years.
  • Students must be able to float for 10 minutes without any support.
  • Students must carry their own swimsuits, towels, caps, personal items.


Dive School Inclusions:

  • All scuba gear rental.
  • All Open Water certification fees.
  • Breakfast and snacks on the boat.

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