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Swimming Pool Experience Diving

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Held in our small swimming pool in water shallow enough to stand up in, the Discover Scuba experience is aimed at people who want to experience the thrill of diving.The whole experience usually takes less than two hours and is the perfect way to experience the feeling of breathing underwater. A great starting point for people who are less experienced in water.



Yes, you can try out the skills, equipment, and floating feeling of scuba diving in our small tubs, prior to signing up for the Discover Diving or Open Water courses and programs. For some this is a fantastic barrier removal, as we dont go to the ocean - stay in the safety of the shallow pool area. And still get your photos 🙂

This experience program, designed specifically for Non Swimmers, gives you an immersive feel of what it is like to wear scuba equipment and dive into the open waters of the big blue ocean. This program is useful if you are apprehensive whether or not you want to fully commit to a certification course or if you are on holiday and want to try out something fun with your family and friends. It is not necessary to be a strong swimmer or have any prior knowledge of scuba diving to do this course; it is designed for everyone.

Temple Adventures offers a 1 day (2 hours) Scuba Diving Pool only Experience program.

This includes a brief theory session and a pool session where you will be taught basic scuba diving skills.

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