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Fun Diving

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So you are a certified scuba diver and want to experience diving in mainland India? Then Temple Adventures in Pondicherry is the right dive shop for you. Mainland scuba diving is available throughout the year in Pondicherry and the Temple Adventures team would be more than happy to give you a lifetime of a tour guide through our healthy colourful reefs and wreck sites.

Allow our staff to pick our the best scuba diving sites  and dive groups that would match your skills for an unforgettable experience.



So, where would you like to dive? Pondicherry has it all!

What underwater experiences do you want to have? What do you want to practice today? All these are normal questions to ask yourself as we choose our fun diving sites. Of course, depth, site infrastructure, ocean conditions and weather conditions also come in to play a factor in your (and ours!) dive site choices for the day 🙂

Some of the most beautiful dive sites of Pondy are here below. Remember, we have been diving and discovering, building and exploring these waters since 2009 - we know it really well, and want to show you all of it!

  • Temple Reef - 18m
  • Eel Garden - 18m
  • Cool Shark - 24m
  • Tex Mex - 12m
  • Pirates Playground - 24m
  • The Wall - 28-40m
  • Tec Deep Gallery - 55m
  • Trawler Wreck - 26m
  • Cuddalore Wreck - 14m

Please do let us know your current certification so that we can assign the best dive guide and dive site to you. And if you would like more depth, and/or time underwater, do consider taking the next course like Deep or Nitrox, which includes ocean fun dives in the program, so you can become certified at the same time as diving the sites you really want to see!

Many of the dive sites are shown in our You Tube channel videos. This is a great way to get an idea of the underwater life and topography / points of interest in each place. Better than just text 🙂


  • Tanks, Weights and Guide
  • Breakfast and Snacks on the Boat


  • Equipment Rental for 1500 INR
  • Deep/Wreck Surcharge
  • Inland Lake Discount
  • Tips & Gratuities

Other Information

  • Must show a copy of your certification
  • Dive computers and other safety gear available for rent


  • Groups of 5 or more scuba divers
  • Diving Industry Professionals
  • Temple Adventures Students
  • Temple Diver's Club members

Maximum discount of 20%.

Discounts do not apply on PADI courses, Wreck/Wall dives, scuba equipment rental or underwater photos.


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