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Sidemount Diver Course

35,000 (inc GST)

Having scuba tanks on your back isn’t a requirement for exploring the underwater world. Many scuba divers have discovered the joy of mounting cylinders on their sides. Sidemount diving gives you flexibility and streamlining options. Plus, you don’t have to walk with heavy cylinders on your back – just enter the water, clip them on and go.



A sidemount configuration (scuba tanks alongside the diver) offers more flexibility and better streamlining options. Learn about the many benefits of diving with a sidemount configuration.

The Sidemount Diver Course trains you how to utilise sidemount cylinders as an alternative to traditional back mount cylinders. This program is recommended to any diver who wants to try something new, as well as for those ones who intent to do cave & wreck diving penetration.

Program Structure

The Sidemount Diver course has a confined water training session and 3 Open Water dives.

Day 1 - Equipment Configuration and Theory

Day 2 - Confined Water Session and OW dive #1 at the Quarry

Jump in on our pool for skills development and practice. After all the requirements are met, pack up as it's time to hit the Open Water!

Day 3 -OW dive #2 and #3 at the Quarry or Ocean

During the course you will cover:

  • Gas matching
  • Gas management for independent cylinders
  • Physiological Considerations
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Tight Spaces
  • Water Entries
  • s-Drills for Sidemount


  • Student need to be at least 10 years old
  • Hold Open Water Diver or equivalent certification

What’s Included

  • Sidemount Diver Manual
  • Instructor tuition and administrative fees
  • Sidemount Diver International Certification Card upon completion of the program

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