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Emergency First Aid Response

12,001 (inc GST)

This is a must for all frequent divers. Surface and underwater scenario practice of conscious, unconscious and panicked divers, along with a full range of diving accident simulations. A very fun course due to its “role-playing” nature, it is recommended that all divers participate in this to broaden their skills and promote diver safety.



Rescue Diver Course

Scuba diving is an adventure sport and like any other adventure sport, it comes with its own set of rules and regulations which when applied can be used to avoid problems or get out of problems. This applies to yourself, and your buddies, friends and family.

Temple's Rescue Diver course is a highly recommended course for every scuba diver. It is a well structured course meant to teach you techniques on how to avoid problems and manage emergency situations. Overall the course is designed to make you a more confident scuba diver.

Emergency situations are no joke and this course is a serious one, but the upside is that the training is super fun as it is informative! Most scuba divers will tell you that the Rescue Diver course was one their favourite learnings.

The Rescue Diver course trains you to deal with different kinds of scuba diving emergencies that could be major or minor, using a set of various techniques.

Via a good balance of knowledge development and rescue exercises, you will learn how to manage emergencies and respond to those situations in a proper fashion.


Rescue Diver Program Structure:

  • Self Rescue
  • EFR and CPR Review
  • Water Skills Review
  • Diver Assists and Rescues
  • Rescue Scenarios Training
  • Emergency Plans


  • Students must be 10 years or older.
  • Must have an Advanced Open Water Certification or equivalent from any agency.
  • Must have an Emergency First Response or equivalent (book with your Rescue Diver course and save!)
  • Students must complete the scuba diving medical questionnaire and seek medical clearance (if required).

What’s Included:

  • Free scuba gear hire.
  • Rescue Diver eLearning Pass.
  • Instructor tuition and administration fees.
  • Rescue Diver International Certification Card upon completion of the program.

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