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"Born too late to explore the lands, born too early to explore the space, but born at the right time to be exploring the underwater!!"" Well, the team at Temple Adventures on the East Coast of India are doing this on a regular basis, and are taking divers to see these new discoveries daily. Continuing the research and discovery projects of Graham Hancock, we have been diving here since 2007 and have found both amazing reef and marine life, and located and mapped ancient areas of land and structures up to 25,000 years old.

We are India's first and only East Coast PADI Scuba Diving Center, based in beautiful Pondicherry, where we like to "Give time an underwater break"! Currently diving at more than 20 underwater sites ranging from 12m to 50m depth, with average ocean temperatures of 28 C and visibility up to 30M. We provide training and certification in all PADI scuba diving courses such as Open Water, Advanced, Deep, Nitrox and Divemaster, plus will guide qualified divers through some of the amazing dive sites in the area.

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December 13, 2017

Ghost Nets are fishing nets that have been discarded, lost or abandoned at sea. These nets, when unattended are responsible for taking the lives of millions of marine organisms. The nets drift with oceanic currents, and their effects are seen far from their origin. Furthermore, they entangle live coral, strangle reefs, and may introduce parasites […]

Scubapro UPF Collection
December 4, 2017

Masks rank right up top as one of the most important pieces of dive gear to own. After all, you’re going underwater to see and experience. Without a mask, you won’t be seeing much, will you? Masks help the eye focus, by creating an air space between your face and the surrounding water. Since the […]