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Scuba diving in India

When it comes to scuba diving in India, we often think about scuba diving in Andamans or Lakshadweep Islands. While scuba diving in the Andamans is beautiful; one rarely links Indian scuba diving to the mainland. So, we decided to change that and bring scuba diving right at your doorstep in mainland India and provide a whole new blue section of India for you to explore.
Temple Adventures is a scuba diving center situated on the East Coast of India. It is mainland India’s first and largest dive school. Temple Adventures started scuba diving in India around ten years ago; continuing off the diving exploration by the Pondicherry Ashram. Temple Adventures, along with our sister dive centre off Chennai are PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Dive Centres that regularly conduct basic experience programmes, certified courses and even caters to divers who wish to follow their passion of becoming dive professionals. Temple Adventures has been associated with the Indian Defence forces and has regularly trained the Marine Police, Indian Coast guard. We have also trained Wildlife rangers in the Gulf of Mannar national park as well as upcoming marine biologists from Alagappa University with the help of our marine conservation department, Temple Reef Foundation.

Temple Adventures has been exploring deep-sea diving in Pondicherry, which has led to a treasure trove of dive sites. Deep-sea diving opens a realm of a more advanced and technical method of scuba diving; which makes Temple Adventures one of the few Indian scuba diving centres that offer Technical Diving courses.
Temple Adventures does not compromise when it comes to the safety of a scuba diver and the quality of a dive. We take great pride in the fact that we provide clean air and regularly serviced Scubapro equipment to all our students and divers. Temple Adventures holds a 100% safety record, with a combined teaching experience of over a hundred years. While our head office is situated in Pondicherry , we have training centres all over India. You can now do your pool sessions or take a refresher course in our Temple Adventures affiliated training centres, now accessible in Andamans, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

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About Our Dive Sites

If you choose to scuba dive with Temple Adventures, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the wide array of dive sites that Pondicherry has to offer. Pondicherry has a healthy amalgamation of natural and artificial reefs that sum up to 26 dive sites. Some of our popular dive sites include Aravind’s Wall, Temple Reef. Danny’s Eel Garden, Pirates Booty, Macro Garden and Blue Fairies. Our recently discovered sites include a trawler wreck, as well as sites called Three Roses and Botanical Garden which lie at technical depths. Our dive sites are home to thousands of marine species. From macro beauties like nudibranchs to wide-angle wonders like massive groupers and barracudas, Pondicherry has a flourishing marine life. Other marine-life frequently spotted at our reefs are Angelfish, Bannerfish, Blennies, Lionfish, Moray Eels, Stingrays and a bountiful more. Pondicherry is also annually blessed with gentle giants - the Whale Sharks. So, whether it is the Gorgonian Fan Corals that you can spot at Aravind’s Wall that makes you feel like you have transported to a world of technicolour; or for all you metal-heads interested in exploring the wrecks of cars and scooters at our homegrown Temple Reef; Pondicherry is the ideal Indian scuba diving destination for you. We take pride in the fact that we provide the cleanest filtered air to all our divers in India, our regularly serviced well-maintained equipment for all our divers and of course our 100% safety record that extends to all of our team, with a combined teaching experience of over a hundred years!

New to Scuba Diving?

If you have never dived before then you are in for an absolute treat. Scuba diving opens up a whole new world for you and the term ‘feeling the blues’ is going to have a very different meaning when you start diving. Scuba diving in India will introduce you to our rich marine biodiversity and make you appreciate our oceans a whole lot more. We have a lot to offer for newbie scuba divers.
The PADI Open Water Course is the ideal course for any person wanting to start their journey as a diver. It is a 3-4 day course, which includes 5 pool sessions,5 Classroom dive theory sections exams and 2+2 ocean dives at 12 (40 ft) and 18 metres (60 ft) respectively. However, if you do not have four days to spend on scuba diving, fret not, as we have something for the tourists who are just visiting as well.
Temple Adventures offers PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) for all those of you who just want a taste of what scuba diving is all about. Our team will run you through a basic pool session and then take you on your first dive in the ocean. At a depth of 12 metres (40 ft), you will be able to experience a glimpse of scuba diving. DSDs are ideal for a short fun tourist activity. DSDs are also ideal for those who do not know how to swim since you will always have a PADI Dive Professional with you to ensure your safety while underwater.
a scuba diver diving in india for the first time

A certified scuba diver diving at 30m depth

Already a Certified Diver?

As a certified PADI Open Water scuba diver, you are now introduced to a wider variety of options in the scuba diving world. You can now choose to get certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water diver. By doing this course you can descend to a depth of 30 metres (100 ft). The underwater world is very different at a 100ft and it is something every avid scuba diver should try. We also offer Speciality courses for certified scuba divers such as - PADI Enriched Air Diver, PADI Wreck Diver, PADI Deep Diver, PADI Night Diver, PADI Rescue Diver and many more PADI courses. Or, you could just choose to do some fun dives. Once you are a certified scuba diver, whether it be Open Water or Advanced Open water, you can always opt to just go on some fun dives with us and enjoy the Pondicherry waters.

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