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Emergency First Aid Instructor

15,000 (inc GST)

As an internationally recognized Emergency First Response Instructor, you are not only able to apply First and Secondary Aid techniques to real life situations – you can also teach certify Emergency First Responders, making the world a safer place.


First Aid - an essential component of teaching / life

It is a great feeling being able to help in times of crisis. Becoming a First aid Trainer allows you not only to extend your own training knowledge and practice, but also to convey your skills and knowledge to help others in the community.

This program can be used to teach your diving students, at any time but importantly for Rescue, Divemaster, and Instructor. But also it can be for anyone, even non-divers, and land based sports / activities.


Current EFR

Caring for others!



For the EFRI program candidates need to purchase the EFR Instructor Manual, which includes all necessary books and documentation, available from Temple Adventures for 135 AUD.

Application Fee

Once your EFRI program is completed you will submit your EFRI application to PADI. Application fees amount to 172 AUD

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