Equipment Hire (DSD)Included
Fun Diving for Certified Divers
Fun Diving (Certified Divers only)1 Day25000
Fun Diving Wall/Wreck1 Day+500
Refresher “On The Boat” (theory)2 Hours01500
Refresher Program (theory & pool)3 Hours02500
Adventure Dive Upgrade2 Hours11500
Equipment Hire (Fun Dive)1 Day21000
Nitrox Cylinder Hire1 Day1500
Nitrox Refresher (theory)2 hours02000
Non-Swimmers Programs
Discover Scuba (pool only)0.5 Day13950
Discover Scuba Diving (pool and sea)1 Day17900
Pictures for Discover Scuba DivingIncluded
PADI Certification Courses
Scuba Diver Course2/3 Days217500
Scuba Diver Upgrade2 Days216500
Open Water Diver4 Days426500
Advanced Open Water Course2/3 Days519900
Rescue Diver4 Days427000
EFR First Aid1 Day09900
Equipment Hire (PADI Course)1 DayIncluded
PADI Certification Courses – Packages
Open Water + Advanced OW6 Days941900
Rescue Diver + EFR4 Days435500
Rescue Diver + EFR + Nitrox4 Days445000
Open Water + Adv OW + Rescue + EFR + 6 fun dives16 Days2082000
PADI Speciality Courses (includes certification)
EANx Nitrox Diver1.5 Days214000
Deep Diver2 Days416500
Sidemount Diver3 Days431800
Wreck Diver2 Days417500
Drift Diver1.5 Days213500
Digital Underwater Photography1.5 Days213500
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)1.5 Days214000
Search & Recovery Diver2 Days416500
Boat Diver1.5 Days212500
Underwater Navigation2 Days316500
Peak Performance Buoyancy1.5 Days212500
Underwater Videography2 Days314500
Altitude Diver1.5 Days212500
Self Reliant Diver2 Days3+122000
Underwater Naturalist1.5 Days212500
Tec Rec Gas Blender0.5 Days010500
Oxygen Provider0.5 Days010500
Marine Conservationist0.5 Days06500
Project AWARE0.5 Days06500
Equipment Hire (PADI Course)1 DayIncluded
• All prices are subject to a 18% GST as per government regulations
• Required equipment included in all Non-Pro PADI Courses
• For Fun Dives and Pro Courses, equipment hire is 1000 INR/day
• All “PADI Pro Level Courses” do not include materials (books) or PADI application fee
Upgrade FromToWithin 1 month and get
DSDScuba Diver15% off
DSDOpen Water10% off
Scuba DiverOpen Water15% off
Open WaterAdvanced Open Water10% off
Advanced Open WaterRescue + EFR10% off
Any CourseNitrox10% off (within 1 month – 2 dives) 30% off (during course – no dives)
Note on Upgrade Discounts: Discounts apply on the course you’re upgrading to, not the course you’re upgrading from. A minimum of 50% deposit as to be paid for the course you’re upgrading to.
Discount on Equipment Sales
• 10% off RRP for Temple Students.