PADI Open Water Course

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From: 26,500

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The PADI Open Water course is by far the most fun way to enter into Scuba diving, the student learns all the basic skills to be a safe and confident diver by gaining an international certification. Qualified to a depth of 18m, the student can now travel and dive anywhere in the world.


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The PADI Open Water course is by far the most fun way to enter the world of scuba diving where the student learns all the basic skills to be a safe and confident diver by gaining PADI certification which is recognised worldwide.

Qualified to scuba dive to a depth of 18m, the student can now travel and scuba dive anywhere in the world.

If you are interested to learn scuba diving in India and getting certified as a scuba diver, then the PADI Open Water Course is for you.

The Padi Open Water Course is an exciting first step to attaining your scuba diver certification. As a scuba diver you will be able to experience the colourful underwater world with a sense of confidence and freedom.

Becoming a certified Open Water Scuba Diver means that you along with a certified dive buddy or a dive master can descend to 18 meters (60ft) and explore the underwater realm.

The benefits of being a certified PADI Scuba Diver is that your scuba diving certification is recognised internationally.

The PADI certification allows you to navigate the underwater wonders of the worlds’ most exclusive dive sites.

Our motto is, “the more training, the better”  and Temple Adventures follows that to the very core.

Temple Adventures is a dive school that has been around for over 35 years and our experienced instructors know what works best for each student. This is why our PADI Open Water Courses run over 3-4 days with one full day in the pool or quarry, so that every student can have enough time to build up on their scuba diving skills with confidence.

We believe that ‘practice makes perfect’ which is why if at the end of a session the student is unsatisfied, they can do it again, free of charge and as many times as they need, to build up their confidence. The same unlimited training offer applies for the Open Water session, where the student can re-do their ocean skills until the student and the instructor are fully satisfied.

The safety of our students and our staff is top priority; we do not take shortcuts and do not charge any extra fees.

Course information

Knowledge Development (Pre-Learning: Videos + E-Learning done remotely; once a deposit is made we can send in the course material). 

Scuba diving is an exciting sport but in order for it to be a safe and enjoyable experience, there are certain rules and regulations that every scuba diver must follow.

Prior to the pool, quarry and ocean sessions, students have to complete the PADI Online Training, where you will learn all about the physics and physiology of scuba diving and how it affects the body.

PADI eLearning allows you to complete the theory online at your own pace and convenience.

While the PADI eLearning material is self-explanatory and easy to follow, we do understand that students may still have questions and that is completely okay! We are trained professionals who are here to help you through every step of becoming a scuba diver.


In-Water Sessions

The PADI Open Water Diver course is completed over 3-4 days, with one day in the pool and quarry and the other day in the ocean. A general schedule would look like:


Day 1: Pool and Theory (6:30-18:00) 

Our pool sessions is where you will learn to master all your scuba diving skills. From basic to slightly more complex skills, your assigned instructor will make sure you complete these scuba diving skills in a stress-free manner.

Your instructor will take you through every skill-set step by step till you are familiarised and comfortable enough to perform the skill.

We start our days early and start off with

  • Orientation
  • Quick Reviews
  • Theory completion either on e-learning or led by your Instructor
  • Equipment Setup
  • Pool Session (confined training1 and 2)
  • Confined training 3 and 4 at the quarry or a swimming pool
  • Equipment de-kitting and washing and storing the equipment.


Day 2: Open Water Dives 1-2 (6:30-15:00)

The first two dives are conducted either in the ocean or a tropical inland fresh water lake depending upon the training progress, weather conditions and other factors.

You will be diving to a depth of 12 metres for 2 dives with your instructor where you practice and test skills you learnt earlier in your confined water sessions.

Again we start our days early so that we can get all the equipment setup and head to the ocean for the last two dives.

Day 3: Open Water Dives 3-4 (6:30-15:00)

You are two more dives away from becoming a PADI certified open water diver!

You will notice your progress as a scuba diver and see that these two dives will be a lot easier as you would have gained more confidence.

Again we start our days early so that we can get all the equipment setup and head to the ocean for the last two dives.

Dives 3 and 4 are conducted in the ocean at the depth of 18m where you will again be tested on your scuba diving skills. Once the skills are completed we will still have enough time to explore the underwater world.

Like Day 2, you will be required to wash and store the scuba gear and also finish up any pending paper work with your instructor.


*It is important to keep in mind that scuba diving is heavily dependant on the weather. Temple Adventures reserves the right to change dive locations and/or times to better suit the prevailing weather conditions for an enjoyable scuba diving experience.


•Minimum age for students to try the PADI Open Water Course is 10 years.

•Though you do not have to be a strong swimmer, you have to be able to swim non-stop and unaided for 200 meters OR must be able to swim with snorkelling gear for 300 meters.

•Students must be able to float for 10 minutes without any support.

•Students must carry their own swimsuits, towels, caps, face mask, personal items.


Dive School Inclusions:

•All scuba gear rental.

•All PADI Open Water certification fees.

•Breakfast and snacks on the boat.

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Only PADI Open Water, PADI Open Water + PADI Advanced Open Water Combo