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Try Rebreather CCR Program

8,00030,000 (inc GST)

Breathe without exhaling bubbles as a rebreather diver. You’ll get longer no stop limits, learn to reuse the gas you exhale by recycling the good part and replenishing it for your next breath.



Temple's "Closed Circuit Rebreather" CCR program is the global premium introduction and personal discovery to the rebreather world. Our world class rebreather units give you the opportunity to experience a new diving system, via theory and practical sessions, and then diving into a confined water session. You will be eligible then to continue into a full CCR beginners course, and of course receive your Try CCR wall certificate.

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Certification Prerequisites: Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Diver 
  • Academic Sessions: In classroom 
  • Pool/Confined Water Sessions: 1
  • Maximum Training Depth: 6 meters 
  • Duration: 4+ Hours
  • CCR types: Sidemount, Backmount, or Frontmount, plus SCR or CCR, 

The session will start with a 2-hour theory and equipment configuration session and full dive briefing from one of our experienced instructors. You will use your own mask, fins and exposure protection. Sessions can happen at any of our fresh water inland dive sites or pool, and will include at least 1-2 hours of actual in water time.

We have a maximum ratio of 2:1 with instructors to ensure you have the best possible experience.

We love to provide full debriefings and showcase how to take your CCR diving to the next level with us. You can credit your dive and the fee you paid towards our Full Depth CCR Program. Every student is issued with a certificate of completion and photos of each session will be uploaded to our facebook and instagram pages for you to tag and share with your friends

After successfully and comfortably completing the Try CCR program, you are welcome to sign up for our exclusive Try CCR - Open Water dive to a maximum of 18m depth from a boat at our salt water reef dives sites.

Inclusions - as with all Temple's CCR programs:

  • All Kit hire is included
  • All Pool fees are included
  • All Oxygen and Diluent fills are included
  • Instructor time is included
  • All training, future dive application ideas and retail equipment advice
  • Theory and Practical (2 hours) - 5,000 inr
  • Swimming Pool / Lake confined session (3 hours) - 7,500 inr
  • Open Water Dive (4 hours) - 9,000 inr
  • All prices are plus 18% GST


Pool sessions are held at Pondicherry and Chennai, or on your location at special request.

To fulfil the prerequisites, you can dive anytime, right up to just prior to your CCR program.

Although this is designed as a 1:2 training session, as with all of our programs this course can be also offered as an exclusive 1 on 1 program

Additional information


Theory and Equipment Configuration (2 hours), Add Swimming Pool / Lake Confined session (3 hours), Add Open Water Dive (4 hours)

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