Easy Breathing | A tryst with SCUBAPRO

scubapro carvan black color traveling trolley bag for scuba lovers

Guest Post by Jonah

One never forgets their first time, the first kiss, the first breath underwater, or the first set of Regulators that you buy.

I started with a MK17/ S600 and a C300 octopus, and I was hooked to the brand called SCUBAPRO. Later on, as I progressed as a diver, I got a MK25/G260 and then as I stepped into the shoes of a Tec Instructor, I got myself a MK25EVO/A700. Not that I forget, even for a moment, the multiple MK2’s I have been adding to my gear bag, which I primarily use now for stage cylinders. My regulator sets count now stand at six. With the lifetime warranty of SCUBAPRO, I can only imagine my kit to keep on growing.


Now, one may ask as to why does a diver need so many regulators? For me, every different regulator holds a different place in my heart and of course on my own kit. The best performing regulator in my kit, the A700 on my MK25 EVO, I use it for my primary tank whenever I dive Sidemount- always close and breathing at over 8500 Litres of air per min. My trusty Mk17, environmentally sealed, is always on my right side. I can set it down during stages without any worries of dirt getting in, even if it is buried in the mud (not that I am advising that). Then we come to my  awesome MK 25/G260 with a S600 octopus combo – a perfect set for teaching which can take an amazing amount of abuse and when the student does an Out of Air drill on my S600 they are left to wonder how smooth it breathes.

The last few days we have seen an amazing amount of rain here in Pondicherry, so much that we can dive right in the city streets. With nothing else to do, and wait till evening for some refreshments, I sat down to service all my regulators after all it is recommended that you service them every year. But with the amount of work I put in my office, I try and service them a lot more than what’s stipulated. Servicing a regulator is all about cleaning and lubricating the system, so that it continues to deliver that amazing ease of breathing with which you fell in love with the first time.



When we go to some of Earth’s paradises under water, be it the Philippines or somewhere much closer home like the Great Aravind’s Wall, all we wish for is maximum bottom time and more gas. The easier a regulator breathes, the less is our air consumption. Of course, it also depends on a variety of other factors as well. This is especially important when we head down to 50 metres and beyond, beyond recreational limits, when the standard school regulator is unable to supply you the air you need at those great depths.

So when you dive the deep seas of India, or anywhere else in the world you really want the best set of Regulators that you can have, and Scubapro is able to do just that.  Maybe to put my case in point, the MK 25 was recently put to the test in Korea with over 130 people breathing of a single First stage. All I can say is ‘Try and top that as a first stage‘.