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The Top 3 Entry-Level Scuba Diving Courses You Can Pursue!
Scuba diving courses
January 18, 2020
Did you come across something that made you curious to explore the underwater realm? Being adventure enthusiasts ourself, we are always on the lookout for new adventures. Like, just the other day when our Master Instructor Aravind was all in for going sky diving but was left confused with what to start with.


There is a tremendous amount of information on the internet, and sometimes it can leave us very confused.

If you’re another adventure enthusiast looking to explore the underwater realm, then you’re at the right place! Let us brief you about how you could start your underwater adventure right away.


The Three Footings:


1. PADI Open Water Course:

The most sought out scuba diving course all over the world, the PADI open water course is the stepping stone towards an underwater adventure. Being a PADI open water diver, you can dive up to a depth of 18 meters anywhere in the world with another open water diver or above. The course is split over 4 days and can also be completed in 3 days or split over two weekends. The prerequisite for the course is basic, a 200-meter swim and a 10-minute float test in a pool.


scuba diving course pool session


The four days consist of pool sessions, video lectures, 4 ocean dives, exams and quizzes. In the open water course, you master a total of 24 open water skills and 3 skin diving skills, out of which a few are performed in the ocean.


Don’t have the time of three or four days? You can also complete the confined pool sessions in some of the metro cities in India and come for the four ocean dives to us!


How your days during the PADI Open Water Course at Temple Adventures look like?


Day 1 & 2: The first two days will be spent studying diving theory and practising the open water skills in a pool. Both the days you will be spending at least 8 hours in the dive centre, learning a lot of new skills. The theory consists of 5 chapters, each focusing on a specific topic like equipment, physiology, physics etc. The 24 open water skills are also split over 5 confined pool sessions, letting you master each skill and then moving on to the other.


scuba diving course classroom


Day 3 & 4: The dive days usually start at 6.30 am and end at noon. During the open water dives, you perform some of the learned skills from the pool to showcase mastery. Post the fourth dive, your instructor will certify you as an open water diver, subject to you meeting all the performance requirement for the course.


pre-dive briefing scuba diving course


To book the PADI Open Water Diver Course visit this link!


2. PADI Scuba Diver Course:

The PADI scuba diver is a 2-day scuba diving course. It is an ideal option for people who have time constraints but also wish to get a scuba diving certification. Even nonswimmers can pursue this course and get certified to dive up to a depth of 12 meters, under the supervision of a dive professional. The only prerequisite being a 10-minute float test which is quite easy to learn with a little practice.


Over two days, you will be watching video lectures, completing knowledge reviews, getting trained in a confined pool and then performing these skills over two ocean dives. In the PADI scuba diver course, you will be learning approximately 14 open water skills. Post the pool sessions and knowledge reviews, you will be performing some of the learned skills in the ocean split over a total of 2 dives on day 2.


What to expect on your PADI Scuba Diver Course at Temple Adventures?


Day 1: Upon arrival, we will complete all the necessary paperwork! Then your instructor will take you through the whole course, which starts with three video lectures and knowledge reviews to understand diving physics, physiology, and equipment better. Once you are done solving the knowledge reviews, you will be jumping in the pool and learning a lot of new skills. The day one will start at 8 am and will go on until 4 pm.


scuba diving course


Day 2: The dive day starts at 6.30 am. Once you arrive at the dive centre, you will head straight for a healthy breakfast to prepare for two calorie consuming dives! All divers post breakfast head to our harbour and start setting up their equipment, post which a short predive briefing takes place. Once everything is loaded on the boats, we head out from the harbour surrounded by mangroves all around the backwaters, with some pleasant music in the backdrop. The dive day usually ends around 12 pm. Upon successful completion of all the performance requirement for the course, you will be awarded the PADI Scuba Diver rating and debriefed about the dives.



To book the PADI Scuba Diver Course, visit this link!


3. Discover Scuba Diving:

The discover scuba diving program is the first entry-level program among all the PADI programs. This is for someone who cannot swim or is still learning how to swim, or is even the right choice for tourists who are just looking for an adventure. The program is split over two days, but in case of time constraints, it can also be completed in a single day.


scuba diving


The program consists of a confined pool session where you will learn 3 necessary equipment-related skills and then an ocean diving experience afterwards. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving program is for you if time or your swimming skills are a bottleneck.


At the end of the program, you also get a certificate of completion, which is valid for one year. So if in the next one-year you choose to dive anywhere in the world, at a PADI dive centre, you can skip the pool session and head straight for the oceans!


How your days will look when you discover scuba diving at Temple Adventures?


Day 1: On the first day you will have to spend an hour or two with us. It starts with a short but crisp briefing where you will learn the basics of physics and physiology in diving and how it affects us. After the interactive briefing session, you will hit the pool and master the three necessary scuba skills you need to know before you take a plunge into the ocean.


adventure sports briefing


Day 2: Our dive days start early, once you arrive in the morning, you will head straight to our hep breakfast shack where you can savour on some delicious and healthy breakfast. Next step would be jumping into your wetsuit and heading to our harbour for a pre-dive briefing, after which, we start our 6 km long boat ride towards the dive site.


The journey starts from a mangrove forest in the backwaters with some pleasing soul music in the backdrop! Once anchored at the dive site, you will be back rolling into the ocean and exploring the underwater realm with one instructor, up to a depth of 12 meters. We strictly follow 1:1 instructor to student ratio. Once you are done taking a plunge into the ocean, we start our way back to the harbour. A small post-dive brief is conducted there, post which all the divers head to the dive centre to collect their certificates and the link for the photos.


discover scuba diving in pondicherry


To book the discover scuba diving program visit this link!


Hope the information has helped you choose the right scuba diving course! The underwater adventure is just a few skills away. Be among the few to explore the other 71% of our planet and witness a new & exciting world.



Goodbye for now! We will see you soon!



Tinku, Beast, Lucy & Chalky


pets of temple adventures


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