Scuba Diving in the Rains


The rains are here!! We love the respite from the terrible heat wave wave which was around for a coupe of months. Even so, this part of the country is not affected by the monsoons during this time of the year. We do get an occasional shower and some very welcome winds. 

But we are not very much bothered by it all. After all, we do dive 365 days a year. Sometimes when Mother Nature thinks we need to cool off, she sends in strong gales resulting in huge waves making it very difficult for us to take our boat out. Thoe days we head out our freshwater quarries for the dives. Also, we are in the middle of the legendary months of March and October, so the visibility tends to drop down by a notch, although we did have some great visibility days over the weeks.

But on the plus side whenever we go out to dive during this season, we see a gazillion fishes. Not to mention, this being the breeding season, we can find lots of juvenile fishes hanging around our dive spots as well as lacking of fishing nets around bring the pelagics closer to shore. Today we found a very tiny juvenile fish less than the width of a fingernail. Plus, the safety stops becomes awesome to look at the surface with the rain drops splattering all over. 

Overall, we just love diving in the rains. So, before you head out to some tropical destinations for your summer vacations, do visit your favourite neighbourhood dive center for some nice dives, or a bit of experience or even to learn how to dive 🙂