The Easter weekend and a few days before..


The week started with a lot of promise, with the march visibility spilling over into April. We had a couple of DSDs on Monday, who had some awesome fun at temple reef. Akhil did manage to fall sick in between and was seen scouring Facebook for likes and extra attention. Apparently he was not very successful and was spotted back at the Scubatcave for the long Easter weekend.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday saw the boats being full to the last tank rack.  The majority of them were DSDs, but the second highest numbers were divers doing the PADI Advanced Open Water courses. It is always great to find people very eager to learn  and become responsible and capable divers. We also had Julien start the PADI Tec Sidemount and PADI Tec 40 course. Can anybody spot a sad Jonah anywhere? Tec divers are always fun to have, but not when they manage to make the awesome Scubapro Sidemount harness look bad because of playing around with their gear. Maybe we dont like them actually 😛

Today, the weather gods did try to test us, and we had to cancel a couple of boats. The waves had started to build up and we almost wished we had a surfboard with us. We had Gille and Ambi helping us too. The DSDs were taken to the quarry and their slightly dampened spirits were raised up again 🙂 All the students, who had braved the waves, passed with flying colours and have got the Pondicherry Extreme diving badge as well.
Overall an amazing weekend with lots of fun people around and the subtle signs of March leaving us, showing up. Stay tuned for the second part of the pirate weekend blog post, to be up later this week.