The legendary week and month it was!!


With the boats returning back to the dive centre with ‘all’ of the divers, this weekend marks the end of the legendary month of March. The team will keep going out for the next two days as well, to complete our target of finishing the Temple 2 reef. This week and the month overall exceeded our expectations and will need us to revise our visibility charts. More than 10m + viz on every dive, this entire month.

Did we just hear some one complain about a 5m viz dive? How about you do a PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy speciality with us next time you are here, and try not to stir up the sand 😛 We had Radhika and Ashutosh complete their advanced open waters this weekend. Word from their FB posts, is that they had an awesome time. And no, we do not stalk people (there is a thing called notifications!!). P.S. we especially love people who tag us in their posts 🙂

Cheers to Koshi for his PADI Deep cert as well. Maybe you can be a support diver, when the Tec big boys go out to explore the two mythical deep blue holes of Pondy. Alban, continuing with his DMT training, was able to take a break from filling tanks and joined us for a dive today. P.S. We had to take out the huge Scubapro umbrella out as well, to protect us from the big bad sun. We had loads of fun taking out the really great DSDs to the awesome Temple reef.

They did help to bring that last bunch of fishes who were not able to decide if they wanted to make Temple as their home, with their ‘feeding the fish’ rituals!! The next time you guys are down here to do your Open Waters, you might want to avoid that extra Idly 🙂
A full detailed report of the work on Temple 2 will be up soon as well. Stay tuned for more updates from the Scubatcave…