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Beginners, Non-Swimmers and First Timers - 1 Day Experience Program

Beginners for Certification Courses and Continuing Education- 4 day Courses and more

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Professional Careers Development in the Scuba Industry

Technical Scuba Training, Certification and Sport Diving India

Welcome to India's first and only East Coast Diving Center. We are based in idilic Pondicherry, where we "Give time a [underwater] break"! Currently dive at more than 20 sites ranging from 5m to 40m depth, with average ocean temperatures of 28 C and visibility up to 40M. We provide training and certification in all PADI scuba diving courses and will guide qualified divers through some of the amazing dive sites in the area. Is the diving good in Pondicherry? See for yourself - For a few recent photos and posts of the life under the Pondy waters, "Like" our

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Diving Update!

Nitrox is here! Choose a mix from 21-40%. Spend more time underwater and less on the surface! Nitrox certification course taught daily.

New to TA Diver Education

We now offer a range of DAN scuba diving equipment, insurance, education and training programs, for both beginners and experienced divers


Surfing is a relatively small, but fast growing sport in India. Generally 2-6ft consistent waves roll into this coast for most of the year offering larger, longer rides for those with a bit more ability, and smaller, easier waves for beginners. We have a range of surfboards to use during lessons to suit all shapes and sizes of students. To go for a surf on the east coast there is nowhere else to go.

Surfboards and Surfing Products

We supply awesome surfboards and surfing equipment all around India! See our Surfboards page for more information about Firewires, Webbers, NSP, OE Foamies and more. To support your surfing needs, we also supply equipment and accessories, mostly from Ocean & Earth. Check out our Surf Gear page for pics and prices of products.


And, of course, we all love bodyboarding! Bring your group to Chennai, Mahabalipuram or Pondicherry to try this fun sport in the ocean waves. Also, see our Bodyboard section for boards and extras available.

AIDA Free Diving Courses

Free Diving is the art of holding your breath and diving underwater.
There is currently no free diving organisation in mainland India and therefore no competitions as yet.

If you are interested in more than just snorkeling then it is highly recommended you take a Free Diving course. The course will teach you the basics and the concepts of breath-hold (apnea) diving including spearfishing and the necessary safety skills. required for you to participate in a safe and enjoyable manner.

We are the only Free Diving School in India and can qualify students to 1, 2 and 3 star AIDA level. At the completion of each course you will recieve an International AIDA certifcation. You can join our group and follow us on Facebook, India Freediving

Boat Trips

We have 2 boats available daily. Bring your family and friends for a great time out in the ocean! See Pondy's famous beach road from the sea side! Have some lunch, do some swimming, or just go for a joyride!

Other Activities

Many other activities are available with us such as wakeboarding, hand boarding, body surfing, frisbee flying disk, Djembe lessons, fishing, motorbike tours, hacky sack, beach cricket, beach tennis, touch footy, camp outs and anything else that's fun. Just ask.