Divemaster Doggy – A Day In The Life


It has been a long, long night. I, Ms. Divemaster Tinku, found my usual spot under the office table and was snoozing for a few minutes until a bang, shout and a scream echoed through the Temple Adventures office…a few seconds later, that dreadful pest of a cat landed on me, his claws digging into my back. Furious at the disturbance, I got up and approached the lady responsible for this ridiculous cat Tom-Tom’s behaviour. His mother, Lucy, was considerably nicer and she didn’t have that mad look in her eyes, so I felt I could trust her. However, no-sleep Tinku is a nightmare Tinku. I barked as loud as I could, louder than the loudspeakers at that nearby church, louder than the compressor, and louder even than Sundari Akka’s chiding, to make Lucy understand the disaster she had conceived.

After having woken up the whole town and annoying the watchman, I chose a different spot to sleep…the balcony. As usual, Julien’s swimsuit pant thing was happily smelling in a corner, and I made that my pillow. He smells nice.

I awoke seemingly ten minutes later to different noises. The back of the truck was open, and the boys were loading tanks. It was like Christmas day…The DMs looked like little elves from the balcony,arranging the tanks, which were presents for the divers, into their humble vehicle (that vehicle is very, very humble, border lining on useless, but no one listens to me.). What’s more, the tanks banging against each other made the sound of very loud christmas bells. I laughed that the whole neighbourhood finally understood my plight. No one could sleep anymore. Heeheehee.

Then PEOPLE STARTED COMING!!!!! Lots of people of different sizes, shapes and smells….one of them smelled like idlies! And there are all these weirdos who walk in with big bags. I hate them. And I hate hats. If you want to wear a hat, buy Tinku a hat as well! But it was so much fun to scare them, teehee…barking, seeing the faint-hearted ones run on the street for their lives…one poor soul ran to the church when she saw me…it was good, good fun. I felt more powerful than those wretched cats, and my little minion Akhil never succeeded in scaring people like this even though we had the same hairstyle!

And then Julien came in. He was asking everyone if they had seen his swimsuit thing. I quietly looked away, looking as cute as I could. He always takes that away from me, but I like it! Can’t he just buy another one? So this time I hid it in a secret place (under my belly)…problem was, I couldn’t get up until he was gone, and he refused to go until the swimsuit was found. I was almost successful when I thought I heard Julien tell the others that he’ll do an ‘underwear dive’ today, but something terrible then happened… To be continued..