Looking back – Pirate Weekend


Guest Post by Jonah
The sun is high in the sky as I sit here drinking my rum wondering where my men have gone…when will they be back?

I wait for them, wiping a sweat, hoping for their fast return. The ocean is calling us and we must head to the seas together and explore what Pondicherry has to offer.

The life of a pirate is an exciting one. And what makes it exciting is all the potential loot that seems to beckon to us as we plan our next adventure. We wonder often when we will have the golden opportunity to seize the next newly released Scubapro product…and the joy doesn’t end there! No, we look forward to testing it out in the sea just as much! Rumours have it that soon there will be a new BCD out – a Hydros Pro. I look up at the sun wondering once more if my men will return from their absence in time for us to find it. My pirate team was a reliable one, and I would walk the plank for any one of them any day! This year, there were many new recruits learning about the pirate way of life – my Skipper Akhil, trained the team well with fixing ropes and taking care of other logistics on our happy Pirate Surviboard. There was the much-required Quartermaster, a man whose laughter rolls the boat and awakens the sleeping creatures below. Not to mention, our Quartermaster’s wholesome cooking kept the men and women of my ship fed and able to endure the hard labor imposed on them! 4 dives a day and a night filled with drinking,  singing and exciting conversation. We were lucky to have John the Prawn with us this last trip – his knowledge of Nitrox kept the men alert and able to do several more dives which also lasted longer. This last trip was livened up by the women who braved the ship and the men on it too!

A pirates life is spent under the starts drinking the nectar of life while the boat rocks peacefully…you watch the lights on land, where people sleep in their beds. not aware of the beauty that lies just beyond their shore, and right below the surface of the water. The sand anemones and eels…the shrimps and groupers…their effortless serenity and peaceful revelling makes one wonder why we humans left the sea in the first place. We pirates know that that was a mistake and therefore we spend our time out at sea, and in the sea! And on the fateful day that we return to land, we spend out time dreaming about the sea.

As for now, my ships sit idle in the harbour under the watchful eye of the power that be, but when the tide is right and my crew is back we will get right back on board and load the rum, and sail out yet again to find this Hydros Pro that all the sea folk are talking about!