Ocean Defenders – Here We Come!


A few weeks ago, Captain Ravi’s boat TA1 set out to sea with a unique bunch of diving enthusiasts – several children from ages 10-14 from local schools came to Temple Adventures to learn more about marine life and its conservation. Since over a year, our very own Temple Adventures Instructor Jonah Skoles has been working with these children in an attempt to teach them about the importance of the ocean environment.

Subsequent to this project, Temple Adventures and PADI decided that it would be ideal if the children learnt how to dive as well – we were all confident that they would love their new underwater classroom, and we weren’t wrong!
Temple with PADI decided to sponsor these kids to create a new generation of ocean defenders, which is essential to protect our planet.

Over the last six months, they have been studying dive theory, marine diversity and having pool sessions too! Soon, they were ready to go out, and instructors Rini and Jonah had the honour of taking them on their very first dive! “Being able to take these 10 year old kids underwater and seeing their happiness and excited expressions after the dive is one of the most rewarding experiences”, says Jonah.

We encourage all of you to bring your kids, younger siblings and all the other little ones in your life to experience this, and we would be happiest to make that happen!
We look forward to seeing what next these young ambassadors of the sea will do in the exploration of the underwater world.