Facts About Turtles

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Facts about turtles that will surely surprise you enough to want to scuba dive with them right away! Last week the world celebrated #WorldTurtleDay and so we thought of dedicating an article about these amazing creatures. Here is a concise list of 5 interesting facts about turtles.
Let us get into it now, shall we?

Five Facts About Turtles

1. Some of the oldest living creatures

Turtles have been around since dinosaurs. In fact, leatherback turtles seem to be in tact since the dinosaurs waked on earth. Unlike the dinosaurs, they still exist!

2. Temperature Determines Sex

The sex of a some turtles, can be determined by the temperature of their nests. The warmer the temperature the higher chance of the sex being female. However, the lower the temperature, the higher the chance of the babies being male.

3. Deep Divers

Sea turtles are considered as excellent deep divers. This is because they can stay underwater for long periods of time. Because they are reptiles, they do require air to breathe and live. However, they get the best of both worlds as they can easily spend long durations in the underwater world. In fact most sea turtles enjoy spending their whole lives in the water. They only return to shore for nesting season.

4. Shell

Unlike a hermit crab that can change it’s shell. Turtles cannot do that! In fact, turtles shells are a part of their skeletal system. The shell includes their rib cage and their spine and is made up of over 50 bones!

5. Long Lifespans

Turtles have some of the longest lifespans in all of the animal kingdom. Which makes sense, considering they have been around for so long.
However, they are in the endangered species list and it is now all upto us to care for our planet and save our turtles.
We can do that, by being more eco-conscious in our decisions. Even the smallest change for their betterment of the environment can help. We can avoid plastic and be a part of beach cleanups and underwater cleanups.
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