Discounts Offers Gift Cards For PADI Women’s Dive Day

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Discounts, offers and gift cards for all our amazing female divers this PADI Women’s Dive Day!
Women in diving are starting to grow a lot more in the dive industry. Which is excellent news as we do need more female scuba divers in the field. Around 6 years ago, PADI Women’s Day was born and each year, women around the world celebrate this day. Whether they go diving, or they choose to just meet up and hang out, does not matter! The point of this day is to spread awareness and empower more women to join the dive side.
This year, PADI Women’s Dive Day falls on the 8th of August. But we would like to prepare for the celebration right away!

Discounts, Offers & Gift Cards

This year, for all the women wanting to scuba dive with us on 8th August will get a flat 30% off! This offer is valid for all courses and specialities.
But that is not all!
We have decided to keep the week before PADI Women’s Dive Day and the week after, PADI WOMEN’S DIVE DAYS!
Temple Adventures will be celebrating 2nd August 2021 to 15th August 2021 as Women’s Dive DAYS!
You read that right! Two whole weeks of celebrating and empowering women to join the underwater world with us.
This means that on these particular days women can avail a flat 30% discount on all PADI programs and courses.
Discover Scuba Diving  INR 7,900  5,530 
Open Water Diver Course INR 26,500  18,550
Advanced Open Water Diver Course INR 19,900  13,930
PADI Speciality Courses – 30% Off 

  • Please note that all these discounts, offers and gift cards are exclusive of taxes. 

Gift Cards

We will also be selling gift cards for the above offers. Because if we are being honest, what is better than the gift of diving?
You will now be able to buy these gift cards for all the amazing women in your life.
Our goal at Temple Adventures is to bring in more Indian female divers into the industry. We want to share our underwater world with more aspiring women and we cannot wait for Women’s Dive Day to come any sooner so we can meet all you lovely people!
If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message here.