PADI Women’s Dive Day: The Women Behind This Day

PADI women in diving

PADI Women’s Dive Day is an important and fun day for all of us to enjoy and celebrate. This year, the day will be celebrated on the 8th of August. Therefore, we would like to talk more about this day and how and who were responsible for initiating it.
So let us start with the basics, how did this day even start? Even so, why do we celebrate it?

PADI Women’s Dive Day

The first ever women’s dive day by PADI was initiated 6 years ago in 2015 on the 18th of July. This important day was inspired by the workings of three amazing scuba divers. Sylvia Earl, Cristina Zenato and Nouf Alosaimi.

About these incredible women:

Sylvia Earl 

padi women's dive day
Photo taken by Kip Evans

If you have been in the dive industry or even just a certified diver, we are sure you have heard of the famous Sylvia Earl. She is the founder of ‘Mission Blue‘ which is an organisation that protects our oceans from serious threats like global warming and more. She is not just a scuba diver, but she is also a research scientist and an oceanographer. Because of her diligent work she is fondly considered the ‘Matriarch of the Underwater World.’

Cristina Zenato 

padi women's dive day
Photo Taken By Ben Buchan

A PADI Course Director, TDI Technical Instructor, NSS-CDS Advanced Cave diving instructor who specialises in shark behaviour. While also being a  PADI AmbassaDiver. She is also the founder of ‘People of the Water‘ which is a non-profit organisation meant to broaden how the distribution of education and research is spread. So as to create awareness regarding environmental issues that affect people and animals of particular environments. She is a true conservationist at heart. Cristina Zenato is also widely known for being a ‘shark whisperer.’

Nouf Alosaimi 

first female scuba diver in saudi arabia
Photo Taken by  Paola Kudacki

Nouf Alosaimi is the very first female scuba diving instructor in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, she is also Saudi’s first female Tech Diver. She is the proud founder of Pink Bubbles. This is a female diving community meant to educate, encourage and empower the women of Saudi to scuba dive. She is also often invited to speak in public and on television shows about spreading awareness about marine life. Nouf Alosaimi is also responsible for organising the first PADI Women’s Dive Day in Saudi. She also organised a women only scuba trip to Sharm El Sheikh. She is also a Girls That Scuba ambassador.

So why are we at Temple Adventures so eager to discuss this years PADI Women’s Dive Day?

Because we feel that we need to start bringing more women into the diving industry. It is no secret that we see a high spike in the number of male scuba divers as compared to female divers. Around 65% of divers are males and we would like to bring more women into this field. Whether women want to just experience scuba diving or go on to becoming a dive professional; we want to help!
One way we know we can help is by making scuba diving more accessible to women in India. We have a lot of offers for women this PADI Women’s Dive Day and we urge you to take advantage of our offers. We urge you to experience the stunning world of the oceans.
That is not just it! We are also planning on making 2021 a women’s dive week and not just one day. So join us on the dive side.
Reach out to us here if you would like to book in some dives or have any questions.