The week that was – Cobias


Cobias!! Thats the word of the week. That’s going to be the word of the blog, and if Akhil has his way, that is going to be the word of the month as well. To dive with 12 cobias off Temple, India’s premier artificial reef must really be something, as it did make the boss man a bit jealous and was seen scouring the dive centre searching for bits and pieces of his dive kit 😛

We did give him the contact details of the friendly Scubapro national representative. He has to rush though, as all the dive centres around India is considering him to be the new Santa in India. This week we finalized plans of finishing the Phase 1 of wreck city. The scooter and rock goes down next Monday, and Omni soon after. We are planning to hold a chess tournament at 18m soon to mark the completion of Wreck city.

Did we just have a paragraph without Cobias? Lets put up some pics in there, after all they speak a thousand words 😛

After all the love we got from you guys the last fortnight, it was sad having only one boat going every day, and only two boats out today? Come on guys, with the long weekend coming up, you take 4 days leave and get 8 days of holidays!! Isn’t that awesome? What are you waiting for? is the next page you should be visiting after this 😉