The Week that was – Tec diving


As promised last week, this week is dedicated to Tec diving 🙂 Julien continued from the past few weeks, to get a lot of people from this corner of the world into the wonderful challenges and adventures of Technical Diving.

Sue started early this week with the PADI Sidemount Course, gliding across the quarry in the amazing Scubapro harness. She also took the first baby step into the world of Tec Diving by starting with the Tec 40 Course. Klaus and Neela joined us on Saturday and Sunday to finish off their Tec 45 training and did their final deco dive. Tec 50 next up guys and we heard that there is a Tec Diving trip to the HMS Hermes coming up very soon. It was definitely fun to see them practice the various skills from SMB deployment to gas sharing during the deco stops.

We did have our regular Open Water Course, some PADI specialities and of course a lot of people going for the Discover Scuba Diving Experience. We would have a more detailed Tec Diving report from Julien himself, our awesome Tec Diving Instructor very soon 🙂

P.S. Our another Tec Instructor, Jonah,is busy drifting off Temple Reef and planning for an upcoming awesome Tec Diving trip to Sri Lanka. You know which email id to look for in your mails starting next week 🙂 (… Its !!!