The week that was – we went scuba diving!!!


After all the Tec Diving, explorations and the whale shark showing up the past few weeks, this one was pretty boring. We went out almost everyday with decent 10m visibility, the usual fishes and the tec divers and lots of diving all around the seas off Pondicherry. Overall, nothing eventful to report here!! But, we are all gearing up for the PADI Women’s Dive Day celebrations scheduled for the 18th of July. Talking of that, have you signed up already?

This week, we had Ratish do his EFR course, Nischal and Ewa –  the Advanced Open Water Course and Maeshwaran do the Scuba Diver Course. We were also joined by a lot of DSDs over the week, and they were treated to some very nice diving conditions as well 🙂

Julien, took Klaus and Neela for their Tec 50 training dives in some very good conditions at Pirate Booty and Temple Reef!! We just cant wait for you guys to explore some awesome new sites for us 🙂 P.S. Try to keep them above 30m please 😛

Well, since we do not have much to write about, here are some pics to show off 😛