The Week that was – to Fun Divers and Photography


This week was as good as any other – minus the ten thousand DSDs and the hundreds of students we were having recently. It was one of those weeks when we had lots of experienced fun divers around us. And it was great fun and a welcome break for everyone.

The week started off with us refurbishing Temple Reef with a huge neem tree, giving more space for the fish life around to hide and build their homes in. We also added some rocks on Wreck City, making it a tad bit more sturdy. The reef is starting to attract cool new critters, and the usual Lionfish still working as the guardfish.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we had old and new friends joining us for back to back deep dives and on the usual shallower sites. One of our staff got himself a cool new camera rig and with it some amazing shots of the critter life around Pondy. We are trying to put them up on our social media slowly and steadily 🙂

The work on the harbour swimming pool has started as well. The solar panels are being installed, as we speak on the roof of the pool. Preparations are on full swing for the IDC as well, with less than 20 days to its grand opening. We will keep you updated of new and cool things happening around the scubatcave