The Week That Was 15th To 21st October


A week full of bright sunny days and crystal clear waters! We had a lot of couples coming up this week and also a lot of courses happening. Students from Sweden and fun divers from Bolivia it was a fun-filled week with a mix of cultures.

The week started off with an awesome visibility of 20m (you can witness it in the pictures itself). It left the DSDs with a happy experience and the fun divers awe-stricken by the beauty of the reefs of Pondicherry which they weren’t expecting. We would also dedicate the week to couples as we saw so many of them turning up. Floating together in the ocean is so romantic haha! Nevertheless, we also had a lot of open water and advanced open water courses happening so our instructors were hustling this week by sharing their love for the oceans and the art of scuba diving with others!

Because of a lot of advanced open water students we also had a chance to dive around our deep sites which leaves everyone surprised as always! Even our team is always so excited to dive over there. It’s just so heavenly! Trust us.

In the second half of the week, we got started with the all awaited Divemaster competition! The orientation happened, the schedule and the format of the competition was shared with the aspiring divemasters. All of them were so excited! we can’t wait for the challenges to kick off! Keep following us in the upcoming weeks to know what’s happening with the divemaster competition! Who will be that one winner who’ll bag a price of INR 25,000 worth equipment from Scubapro? Keep following us to stay updated! 😉


Beast, Tinku, Lucy, and Itchy.