The weeks that were 22nd October to 4th November


Have you ever wondered why some people just love scuba diving the first time they experience it? It’s because of the Calm! When you are underwater you are in an environment your body is less familiar with. Learning to remain calm and alert in such an environment results in tranquility in your day to day life (the reason our team is the most chilled out team you shall ever meet 😉 ).It’s pure meditation.

The last two weeks at temple were so fun filled! It was very overwhelming for us to have so many courses happening! It’s such an amazing feeling when you witness a lot of new people looking to get certified to experience new depths. From open water, advanced open water to rescue diver, we had some really fun peeps visiting us. People came all the way from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi!

Also, our team TRF (Temple Reef Foundation) has been hustling with their new ideas and research. They muscled up their brains and brought in some really cool research. Is there something new coming to temple? We shall see! 😀

Check out some of the glimpses of our boys collecting some rocks for the reef-building, boys really kicked some dirt.

And then finally they managed to do it after an hour’s effort!

Lifting a rock weighing about 500 kgs and putting it in our temple truck seemed impossible but they managed to put it in the truck by using some brain power. Hats off boys!

We also had a team outing in the last week of October to a place called Adventure zone where we rappelled, climbed rocks, swam and played games and burned that fat off. It was a much-needed break for the whole team from the oceans. There were two teams which were formed Team Fire and Team Water, they battled their way till the end and the team to emerge as the winner was Team Fire hahaha. Though by a very thin margin!

This was how our last two weeks were spent. Adventures, outings, and bubble making!

Hope you guys are having fun out there!
Love Tinku, Beast, Lucy, and Luna <3