The Week That Was 7th October to 14th October
October 16, 2018

As usual, our week started off with a bang with a lot of DSDs coming in and lots of fun happening. It’s always such a pleasure to witness people being mesmerized by our dive sites. The Monday blues were indeed really blue with some awesome visibility to make the dives even more delightful. The clear sky, the blue waters and the curious Batfish it all just added up to the fun!



In the latter part of the week, we also had some open water students, advanced open water students joining in to take their love for diving to the next level. Indeed it was a very eventful week and by eventful we mean eventful! With an addition of a new member in temple’s pet family, the family has got bigger and after struggling a lot with finding a name for our little pup we decided to name her Luna. Mind it! Beast is being very possessive about her. She’s got along well with almost everyone other than Tinku who just gets irritated of her extreme enthusiasm. Basically, she’s the centre of attraction for everyone at temple right now!



We also had our team of Dive Chennai take some DSDs diving at the alluring dive sites of Chennai for which they were so stoked. Then like always the week was ended with a lot of DSDs and fun divers signing up! As we say we love to see people smiling after their first diving experience. It’s a hell of a feeling!


Every week at temple is always so eventful with something fun or something completely wonderful happening. We just love it when we get the opportunity to introduce more and more people to the world of scuba diving. And as always at the end of this week, our instructor Rishab Aka captain caveman still waits for his luck tables to turn to witness the glorious whale shark. The funny part is everyone other than him has seen it. Almost everyone! Haha.

See you next week until then sayonara!




Beast, Tinku, Lucy, and Luna.

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