The week that was 27th March – 2nd April, 2017


A week full of courses
This week was dedicated to courses and fun divers. We had long time divers, Team Roshni joining us for EFR & Rescue course, along with a intense Tec Dive off at the Wall to top it off. There were a lot of Open Water students who continued their diving journey by doing the Advanced Open Water Course.

Our instructors took sadistic pleasure before jumping off a moving boat (much to the students surprise) to enact a rescue scenario. The PADI Rescue Diver course is one of the most educative diving courses that exist. It teaches you to be prepared for any eventuality that may occur during a recreational dive. At Temple Adventures, we can guarantee the effectiveness of this course, as our highly capable instructors are well motivated to teach a course they find a lot more fun than usual, while making sure you learn better.

During the later half of the week, all our divers made the best of the unexpectedly clear conditions by making dives at The Wall – Pondicherry’s hallmark deep site, a 2.5km long stretch of continental plate edges and insane coral life. If you have dived at The Wall this week you would have seen forests of white sea whips, huge clumps of red gorgonian sea fans, a couple of our photographers hanging midwater taking macro shots of jellyfish, or advanced open water students doing Deep and Drift adventure dives.
Also, April this year, will be photography month at Temple Adventures, and we will feature a new photo from our photographers every day.

Until next week,
That’s all folks!
Tinku, Lucy, and Beast.