The week that was – 13th to 19th March 2017


Riding the Currents
This past week, were you diving with us, you would have noticed a new resident at our hallmark dive site, Temple Reef- a groovy moray eel. Also, that was not a ginormous fish you saw, that was actually Sam with a camera.

If you haven’t dived with us, do pop in and spend some time with our divers, while they talk about equipment, marine life and diving practices, or maybe listen to some music and read a book in the common room.
You could take a peek into the DSD pools and find some of our staff practicing back-rolls and bubble blowing tricks, or reading equipment catalogues, or training new divers.

Reef Building was a fantastic challenge in the currents over the reef this week, and it was no mean feat dragging multiple coconut palms all over the place, so the silver moonies know where to greet divers.

We capped off the week giving a lot of DSDs the experience of their lives, over the ramped up reef!!

In the meanwhile, experienced divers were building over The Wall, aided by the swift waters flowing over the site.

For more stories of awesome dives, until next week.
The diver behind the palm leaf!!