Facts About Oceans We Love As Scuba Divers

Facts About Oceans We Love As Scuba Divers

Facts about oceans are as wild and deep as the massive water body itself. Where should we even begin when it comes to why scuba divers absolutely love the oceans?
A scuba divers favourite playground is definitely the oceans. We love diving into the deep depths of the underwater world and exploring the inner space.

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The facts about oceans are innumerable and would take forever to dive into.
That is why we have decided to write five of our favourite facts about oceans that we love as scuba divers.

Fact #1: 95% of life calls the Oceans their home

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The oceans are a home to more than 90% of living organisms. From the Great Whites to the tiny planktons, a whole lot of life exists in the seas that is often forgotten about. Because it is way below the surface.  But that does not take away from the fact that most of life on Earth comes from our mighty oceans. This means scuba divers have a lot to see underwater.

Fact #2: 90% of the underwater is undiscovered

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With only 5% of the oceans being explored, that leaves out 95% of it undiscovered. In fact, outer space is more discovered and explored than our beloved seas.
The surface of Mars is completely mapped out but not our Earth’s oceans! This means that there is a lot of unexplored marine organisms that scuba divers and researchers do not know about. This is what makes scuba diving so fun for the avid diver. Because they get to explore the unexplored!

Fact #3: Around 3 million shipwrecks are on our ocean beds

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One of the fun aspects of being a scuba diver is that we get experience many sunken stories. With almost 3 million shipwrecks underwater, scuba divers can never be bored. The thrill and excitement of penetrating wrecks is not something everyone can do, which is what makes it even more special.
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Fact #4: The underwater world is nothing less than a museum

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With there being around millions of sunken wrecks in the water, it is no surprise that there are many treasures and artefacts in the oceans as well. It is estimated by National Geographic that there are more sunken treasures in the underwater realm than there are in all the museums of the world, COMBINED! Which again makes it a fun playground for scuba divers alike to explore and enjoy.

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As scuba divers, these are definitely some of our favourite facts about oceans. From diving shallow to exploring massive wrecks to discovering new marine life; a scuba divers’ life sure is interesting to say the least!
The oceans have a lot to offer, which is why it is equally important to protect her at all costs. Without our oceans, the Earth was cease to exist.
This is why we at Temple Adventures conduct Project Aware Dive Against Debris dives at least once a week.
As divers it is our responsibility to keep our oceans clean and healthy.
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