Scuba Diving & Fitness: 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Stay Fit!
Scuba diving
March 13, 2019

Scuba diving


Any adventure sport requires you to be physically and mentally fit! and the same goes for scuba diving! Even though recreational, scuba diving requires you to be fit and strong, mentally and physically. It’s not just about the diving part but also the logistical side of it. Lifting tanks, moving them from the dive center to the shore or the harbor then loading them with the equipment on to the boat or carrying them on your back when you are shore diving, pulling the anchor etc requires a good amount of fitness.


To lead a long adventurous life, staying fit is important! Let us look at some small and simple ways by which you can stay fit and healthy to lead a long & strong life full of adventure.


1. Exercise: Take at least 4 days out of a week to work out, exercising doesn’t just mean lifting weights or hitting the iron! Cardiovascular health is equally important! Spend 2 days in a week working on your muscular strength, exercises like push ups, pull ups, body weight squats, planks, and lunges will do the magic. These exercises are enough to build a strong foundation! The other two days indulge in some cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming, football, or basketball. Spending 4 or even 3 days in a week with 45 minutes of time each of these days is more than enough to improve your fitness level and stay healthy, as scuba diving in itself is a physically demanding sport. But also, remember any sort of strenuous exercise 24 hours before and after a dive should be avoided as it may result in an increased chance of getting DCS as strenuous exercise leads to dehydration and muscle fatigue. So, plan your workout routine accordingly! Though light exercises won’t do you harm in any way.


Scuba diving


2. Diet: It is equally important to have a balanced diet every day consisting of a good ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. A good start would be a 40:30:30 ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats of your total daily calorie intake, but in case you are aiming for those abs then a 40:40:20 ratio will do better as more protein means more muscle haha. Good sources of carbohydrates include brown rice, potatoes, chapatis, bread, legumes, grains, starchy vegetables etc, whereas rich protein sources are lean meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, beans, seeds & nuts, and soy products. People think fats are bad but fats are equally important for your brain health! Good sources of fats include nuts, cheese, fatty fish, whole eggs and avocados.


Scuba diving


3. Yoga & Meditation: Spending 15 minutes in the morning stretching your body with some basic yoga poses will help you in recovery- mountain pose, cat pose, bridge pose, cobra pose, downward-facing dog pose etc. to name a few of them. Also, a 5-minute meditation session will calm down your mind providing you the required boost for the day ahead!


Scuba diving


Hope you enjoyed our blog! Remember the 3 things mentioned above are like 3 pillars which will help you have a strong foundation towards staying fit and healthy to lead a long and strong life full of adventure 😀


And remember! Be a bubblemaker! Not a troublemaker! 😉





Scuba diving


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