The week that was – for your eyes only


This week we put something awesome 18m under the waves. And thats the only information you are going to get 😛 Partly because it is so amazing that you have to dive there to see with your own eyes, and the other part being, even yours truly have not seen it yet 😛 Either way, Temple Reef is going full on overboard with giving the fish some amazing housing opportunities free of cost. All we ask of them is to give a friendly smile when we go down and shoot pictures of them 🙂

Apart from that it was a Rescue and Open Water Week!!! For every Open Water student we had a Rescue student 🙂 While, Odran, Nicolas Dorlac, Marion and Alexandre took their first fins into the underwater world, our instructors almost died and resurrected and went through the entire loop all over to teach Tushita, Taarak, Sneha, Nicolas Deboissy, Aurelie and Alexandra how to save a life in case of an emergency underwater.

With the happy DSD faces around and the yummy smell of tacos that someone was trying to cook, floating around the DC, it was truly a recipe for an amazing week 🙂 P.S. with the start of August, we have some awesome offers up for grabs. Keep checking our social media posts for updates on them 🙂