The Week That Was: Road Trips, Barbecues and Adventure Sports


When we think of adventure sports in India, our minds rarely ever crosses small cities. This is why, when it comes to scuba diving in India, most people only consider scuba diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However people tend to overlook the hidden southern gem which is Pondicherry, which offers best adventure sport in India.
Pondicherry Harbour
In this week’s blog we want to highlight some of our favourite moments! Temple Adventures did a whole bunch of fun activities not only in Pondicherry but also in Chennai (of course with taking every necessary COVID-19 precautions). 
We conducted various courses throughout the week; some of which included the PADI Open Water Course, PADI Advance Open Water course, Digital Underwater Photographer Course and many more. 
So while some of us went to sea

Others went to our home quarry

and a few of us went on a fun road trip to Chennai
Scuba Road Trip to Pondicherry
Our week started with ocean dives; where we had a number of students from all over India taking their PADI Open Water Course and upping their education and taking the PADI Advance Open Water Course as well.

Our PADI instructors had a couple of busy days which involved in conducting these various courses; whereas our PADI divemasters were busy taking out already certified PADI scuba divers for some fun dives.
We also had a whole boat designated for PADI Discover Scuba Diving students, who got to experience the underwater world for the very first time!
Temple Reef
Our second part of the week was spent at the quarry, which is located in Kunnam, a little outside Pondicherry.

This was a fun day for our staff as we all headed to conduct the PADI Recuse Diver Course for our Divemaster Trainees.
We made a picnic out of the whole day and after we finished up with the courses, we set up a barbecue for the staff and the newly certified rescue divers.

We finally come to the end of our fun-filled week, where a few of us headed out for a road trip to Chennai and went scuba diving in different southern waters.
Our dive plan was to go scuba diving and conduct some Discover Scuba Diving in Chennai’s gorgeous quarries.

To our surprise the quarry was actually an amalgamation of five quarries.

Our day was filled with some more adventure sports which included paddle-boarding and cliff-diving

We had a great day and an even greater week meeting different kinds of people and conducting scuba diving in India in a fun and more importantly, safe manner!
The coming week is going to be filled with a lot of in-house trainings of our divemasters and divemaster trainees; so stay tuned to find out what we at Temple Adventures will be up to!