The week that was | Smashing the record books


This post is 12 hours late!!! We know. But the amazing week that was needs some extra time and effort to pen it down. And it has absolutely nothing to do with us being tired after handling the most number of divers to dive here in a day, the weekend and an entire week as well.

With that, lets get on with the week that was. We started off with some reef building, putting in some more interesting stuff  in Wreck City. We need to have a map put down as well to find out all the cool things down there. We had Sangita complete her PADI Advanced Open Water certification mid week. Ken and Navin did their PADI Enriched Air as well. And then there were Pushpak, Ekalavya, Anvesha, Saratchandra, Sanjay and Aditi who became certified PADI Open Water divers, with a couple more in the classroom right now. Asiem did his Rescue course and has become a much more experienced diver 🙂

Let us not forget the divers who went for their first time scuba diving experience, and they fell in love with the underwater world instantly. They were really great and we hope you come back down here and get certified.

We had old friends joining us from Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi for some weekend fun dives. Apparently, with the help of one of our instructors invented a new hand signal. We also had a new camera rig floating around capturing some amazing views underwater.

Overall it was a really really good weekend (it did enter the Pondy Hall of Fame). 23 on Friday, 44 on Saturday and 43 divers on Sunday. The boats definitely need a rest after carrying so many people around. We will be back again in the harbour today to move more wrecks on to the boat and sink it tomorrow. Details of it will be one our social media very soon 🙂