Dive Safety Gear – 5 Important Equipment to Always Have While Diving

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Dive safety gear is essential for every single scuba diver who decides to go for a dive. Whether it is a fun dive or a course dive, as a scuba diver it is our own responsibility to care for ourselves. And to carry the important safety gear.
dive safety gear
We have made a list of 5 important pieces of equipment that every scuba diver must always carry during their dives. Not only ensure their safety but even be a more responsible diver for their buddies. Check out our previous blog where we have made a comprehensive list of dive equipment you should own if you are an avid scuba diver here.

5 Important Pieces of Dive Safety Gear

1. Dive Computer 

Dive Computer
Scubapro Dive Computers

These are perhaps the most important dive gear that every scuba diver must carry with them at all times. Sharing dive computers is a big no no and should not be practiced. While we understand that dive computers can be on the expensive side, we do have a vast selection of economical yet durable computers that you can check out from our online store.
2. Compass 

dive safety gear
Scubapro Compass

Getting lost underwater is not the same as getting lost on land. It’s not that easy making it back to where you want to be. Which is why it is super important for scuba divers to carry a compass with them during every dive. But a compass is of zero use unless you know exactly how to use it. Navigational skills are very crucial underwater and incase you are uncertain about your skills then you should definitely opt for the PADI Underwater Navigator Speciality. And become a master navigator underwater!
3. Surface Marker Buoy
dive safety gear
The Surface Marker Buoy is a very handy equipment to have during dives. Especially during drift dives and in environments where there is a lot of boat traffic. It is always best to warn other boats you are coming up. And it’s also good practice to blow up your SMB on a drift dive so that the boat knows where to pick you up from.
4. Cutting Device 

scuba diving in India
Scubapro White Tip Knife

As a scuba diver, you want to make sure you have a reliable cutting device on you at all times. You never know if you get stuck somewhere and your buddy is not close enough to help you out. And that is when your cutting device comes handy and rescues you!
You can also use your cutting device to remove ghost nets from the oceans and help rescue fish that are stuck in them!
5. Dive Torch 

dive safety gear
Scubapro Nova 250

Having a dive torch can be quite a useful tool underwater. Especially if you are diving in dark areas or doing a night dive, then it does come extremely handy.
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